X-Force 13 Cover A Ghost?

It is interesting that cover A for X-Force 13 has just vanished, and we have had very little dialogue over Solem. I love X anything, but am usually very hesitant on getting behind new characters, but there has been chatter from Wolverine 6, which I am to understand is his first appearance, with X-Force 13 the first cover. For those with more “business” reach, is this correct, or was this just overlooked as more hype?

Marvel hyped the character and issues. Haven’t heard anything else

X-Force 13 1st coverage and Coello variant shopping and wolverine 6 is 1st appearance.

They were probably replacing it to add the Chadwick Boseman tribute header.

Didn’t see the Chadwick on the other image I looked at; that is the one that I can’t seem to find anywhere, other than from across the pond.

I went heavy on both issues, opting for the XOS wolverine cover and this one. Without a strong showing in the movies people can be very skeptical on speculation on x-men. With the move to the MCU maybe that will change. This moight see some initial heat but its a long hold for me.

In terms of buying the cover, I see it for sale everywhere and it looks like Retailers can still put in for orders on these covers at Diamond. For how long is unknown.

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I usually am not able to get to LCS, so have to shop online. The normal places I usually peruse don’t have it available, which isn’t normally the case. If anyone can point me in a direction, that would be appreciated!

im sure TFAW will probably have it up closer to release. Or even midtown.

He looks pretty good, hope he’s not just a character that disappears after the arc.

I see Wolverine #6 up but not New Nutants 13 yet

This all I can find. Hope that helps.

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TFAW did have XForce 13 up before as I have one in my preorders.

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So Wolverine 6 is the 1st appearance and then both covers of X-Force 13 would be considered 1st cover? They release on the same day right? If so, I’d imagine collectors would want both, but the the question is, which cover of X-Force 13? Unknown also has a cool variant to X-Force 13, which adds another variable to the equation.

Yep me too got one from tfaw in my orders last week.

I would image the Chadwick Boseman banner on cover A would initially drive that one as the favorite of the two. Plus…it is cover A. Thanks Spideyhunter for the sites!


When in doubt, always bet on cover A

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If you are skeptical on XMen after Disney bought them, then you are already behind the ball. A lot of speculators are currently loading up on XMen, not shying away from them. The XMens appearance in the MCU is inevitable, and it is already being speculated on by many many people as to how/when we see the first mutant in an MCU film, if we haven’t seen one already (looking at you Scarlet Witch).

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Her and her brother were retconed in the movie to be “created” by one of the inifinity gems. (Strokers experiments) while in the Marvel continuity they have been retconed as well many times.

They have no connection to the x-men or x-universe what so ever.

Even though the two books are released on the same day the reading order is clear: Wolverine #6, then X-Force #13. I asked the artist of both books via a DM if he enjoyed drawing the new character Solem and if he was drawn on more than one page in Wolverine #6. He stated that he really enjoyed drawing Solem and he is definitely on more than one page. " solid scene, full frontal nudity and all. Just kidding". He also stated that the writers have said Solem will be a huge deal moving forward.
So, first full will be Wolverine #6 and first cover will be X-Force #13. Similar to X-Men #2 vs X-Men #12 (High Summoner). Though X-Men #12 has soooooo much more than a awesome High Summoner cover. First Genesis/Annihilation, Isca, the White Sword, the Towers etc etc etc. Maybe X-Force #13 will have a bunch of lasting/memorable firsts too.

P.S. The X-Force #13 cover A will probably be THE cover, but man that Unknown Comics Solem cover is amazing. I have all my bases covered with Wolverine #6 and X-Force #13. :+1: