X-men #5 & Dr Stasis

Here is the incentive for x-men #5, which should be Dr Stasis’ full app. Also, he is on cvr a. The new x-men series is intriguing and he seems like a good villain.

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X-Men 6 is supposed to have a new character on the team. Could be a couple of good issues back-to-back.

Yep, Captain Krakoa. Bleeding Cool speculates that he is Dr Stasis.

Is this Captain Krakoa on the Cover A for #6?

Also, bets on him being on the Dauterman “New Lineup” Trading Card variant?

X-Men #6 (Dauterman New Lineup Trading Card Variant)

It is. I would go with the incentive and cvr a, regardless. Still will be interesting to see the cvr.

That incentive’s background is so dry. No shades or lines showing that Rogue is throwing wolvie

I’m not a fan but I’ll buy it for spec.

On the topic of Dr. Stasis… if you aren’t reading this run and are just looking at Key Collector, they are saying Dr. Stasis’ 1st cameo is upcoming in X-Men #4. This is incorrect. X-Men #2 clearly is his first appearance.

If you’re speccing on this character, #2 is readily available all over the place for cover or less and the incentives are nearly half ratio most places. Don’t think that will be the case for long once KCC gets the info corrected and updated.

Credit on this goes to CMS Comic Vet on Youtube (if you aren’t watching this one, you should. He’s constantly calling out and correcting mistakes made by KCC and is a real old school speculator. Tons of great info, sometimes long before the alert hits the app. And he doesn’t have the viewer base to move the market in any meaningful way, so pump and dump isn’t really a thing with him)

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His face is not seen but he has a decent amount of dialogue. Does this qualify as a cameo appearance? Issue #4 is out by the way.

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Him being on cvr A with #5 and if he is seen more clearly, I think the maket will go with it. So far, he’s just been shown in the shadows or from a distance. #4 isn’t his 1st cameo, that’s for sure. He’s not even in #4. I think it will follow a similar path to Hunter’s Moon.

This is a real genuine question, not being a smart ass in any way, I assure you…

I’m not a long time comic guy, so excuse my ignorance… Is there really a question as to whether this could be considered a cameo appearance? We don’t see his face, but we see his mask, we learn his name, he murders people, has his butler clean it up and then we see a letter he wrote with his name, title and place of work in the signature line at the end of the book.

I guess my question is if this was determined to not be a cameo, then it would just be nothing? Is there a designation for 1st appearance that is not a cameo or full?

I’m not concerned about which one the market chooses as the big book in regards to this question. I too, would assume the first full with him on the cover will be the one to take off, but #2 should retain some value if this character ever amounts to anything.

I know you didn’t ask me but cgc has a label for all 3 scenarios. If anything comes of the character, one would think #2 will have value. The only problem is he also appears in #1.

A cameo is still a first appearance… :wink:

KC in the last 2-3 days has changed the info on X-Men #5

Checking Marvel Fandom they list Dr. Stasis:
#1 1st app (Shadow Only)
#2 app
#3 app

From what I’ve seen, Fandom doesn’t differentiate between cameos and full apps, I’m thinking cause it’s so subjective.

I’m done classifying them now myself… from now on, it’s just first appearance, second appearance and third (anything beyond that, most don’t care)… and then we got first cover appearance or first + cover appearance if they happen together, second + cover appearance. I’m gonna keep it simple stupid now…

Honestly I hate the word cameo anyways… cause if we really define what a “cameo” is, it’s an appearance by a character that is well known or already known. A very first appearance, the characters are not well known, not yet.

A cameo role, also called a cameo appearance and often shortened to just cameo (/ˈkæmioʊ/), is a brief appearance or voice part of a well-known person in a work of the performing arts. These roles are generally small, many of them non-speaking ones, and are commonly either appearances in a work in which they hold some special significance (such as actors from an original movie appearing in its remake) or renowned people making uncredited appearances. Short appearances by celebrities, film directors, politicians, athletes or musicians are common. A crew member of the movie or show playing a minor role can be referred to as a cameo as well, such as Alfred Hitchcock’s frequent cameos. (sourced via Wikipedia)

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You still have to define “appearance” though.

Appearance, they show up in any fashion or form. It’s already defined… are they known in the story or book? That’s an appearance, simply put.

The first time a character appears in real world publishing chronology —whether that be named, unnamed, with dialogue, without dialogue, from the front, from the back, in costume, out of costume, as their birth name, as their alias, before or after their transition to super hero/villain, regardless of whether it’s a single panel, the whole issue is dedicated to them, or somewhere in between— is that character’s first appearance.

“Cameo”, “first full”, “first as”, are all just imprecise ways to describe how the market looks at those different appearances. If there is an issue #1 with a 1 panel, rear-facing, unnamed “cameo”, then an issue #5 where he shows up next, full frontal, whole issue, named as “Dr. Sputtnik”, revealed to be Harold Sputt, former nuclear engineer disillusioned with capitalism, and people call it a “first full appearance”, issue #1 is still the first appearance and #5 is second. What people are describing between “cameo” and “first full” is the level of importance the market places on the significance of each book. Yes, #1 is first, but the market places a premium on #5 as more significant for the character.

Once you start splitting hairs on appearances, you have to stand back and watch what the secondary market decides is a more significant issue.

You can make good guesses on the Wolverine Hulk 180 vs 181 paradigm, but the longer the run up, the more details are leaked little by little, the harder it is to tell what the market will choose.

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