X-Men ‘97 Coming to Disney+

By the way, this is just the general Disney+ Thread now.

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Its unfortunate that such an iconic piece of music is wrapped in such controversy and drama…

Say it isn’t so!

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Honestly, I’d say that’s just too highly coincidental… it’s a complete and utter rip off for sure!

Whoever owns the rights to that 1983 music… Disney or whoever is responsible should…

My kid is going to lose it over groot, and I’m losing it over X-men lol

Anyone know if Ironheart is animated or live action? I don’t think we got anything besides the logo but I may have missed it.

All the animated series state “animated” on Instagram. Iron heart does not.

Awesome thanks. That made the most sense.


My wife told me the X-men episodes are on Disney+ so I started to watch that and the Spider-man ones with my wife and my youngest.