X-Men: Children of Atom Spec

Buddy just told me about this one coming out…looked at it and seems like a lot of new characters might be coming. Anyone else heard or seen anything? Just going to grab a few copies right now, not sure if I want to go above 10 copies though…

https://www.tfaw.com/children-of-atom-1.html is the link to tfaw. https://www.tfaw.com/children-of-atom-1-nauck-variant.html is the variant that seems to have some ‘new’ characters?

I think your first link is the new characters, too. They’re supposed to be sidekicks or something for some of the x-men, with veeeeeery similar powers.

Question is, will it ever actually come out

Yeah I saw gambit’s cards in that other guys hands…

I believe they’re the chimeras that Sinister has secretly been working on since he got a bunch of samples of mutant dna


That would make sense!

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Been pushed back all 2020

Yeah, like Alana said, this book has been floating for ages now. Hopefully it does make the light of day, as I would say it is similar to a Strange Academy type scenario, probably skewed more to TV, but who knows anymore!

And lets not forgot that some are speculating that the first appearance is in Marvels Voices #1




Which Marvel Voices #1 are you talking about? (there are a few of them). I had bought the Marvel Voices Indigenous #1 thinking there were going to be first appearances…and so far haven’t seen anything else about that.

I do see there are a few more Marvel Voices coming out though!

I was confused with this, too. Seems there are the following:

-Indigenous Voices
-Marvel Voices Feb 2020
-Marvel Voices New Ptg (?) Nov 2020
-Marvel Voices Legacy Feb 2021

The Nauck CotA cover makes for more, possibly easier, comparison with that Marvel’s Voices panel.

This is the A cover for the April 2020 issue that the panel is in.


Another note… this appears on the February 2020 Comichron as a print run of only 15,607.

Putting out the key issue alert right now

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Doesn’t look like them at all does the black guy paint his face blue? Who is the fat kid in the green suit? Is Cyclops Transgender?


Better picture of face shield being blue rather than a blue face. I am 99% sure they are the same group.

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