Yes! We get it!

Who else out there is trying to cut the cord from eBay?
ok so I’m gonna B----h tonight. I’m not dying just tired of getting clipped by ebay. Sold 2 Tukis #4 at $40 each tonight via a Skottie Group Facebook group, glad I didn’t post on ebay…Considering I paid $4 for each from the LCS I figure that’s a win.

I got a grip of Skottie Young books (like 2 long boxes), most which I want to sell via lots because I’m thinning a majority of my books. I need to learn the shipping part of the selling game. I normally go USPS Priority Mail Medium Size Flat Rate (2 day shipping with Tracking + a signature confirmation) so I don’t get headaches later on… Not sure if selling via instagram or Facebook will be much luck but hey, can’t complain when getting rid of stuff right? Need to find how to get those Gemini t-mailers in bulk, need more tape… blah blah. im bitching tonight… never really do…

Thought about having a YArd Sale and letting 5 of my friends each buy a table for $10 and price their own books, or give them sticker dots and just have a massive dollar bin sale… eh… depending on the color of the sticker that’s who gets the profit, unless, we do $2 books in the mix… and yeah… possibilities endless… need to get rid of clutter.

I’m sure some of you have some of the same problems… So let’s help each other out, and give each other some ideas maybe on selling possibilities… who knows where this thread can go…

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