Been Waiting for something like this for years


The freedom to post your own topics to start your own conversation is definitely a nice thing to have. :smiley:


I am most certainly excited about the next step.

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It’s right in front you of Anthony… :wink:

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Ha. No duh.


Hey Guys! It’s pretty nice in here! Glad to see the forum come to life :exploding_head:

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Anthony doesn’t know this but I’m gonna need a vacation soon after sweating several days over the weekend and the past few nights getting all this going! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for making this possible Agent P


Hey, guys. Wow. So glad to see something like this for the community here at CHU. Next level. I will be giving my feedback as I explore the new features more. This is great.

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This should go over very well! I’m sure all the regulars will be pleased and new comers will be enticed to come back even more!

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Also just so you all are aware, you can @rob92807 @jcLu ping people who have made comments in the topic to reply, get their attention, mention them, etc. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the invitation … I feel special … :vulcan_salute:


@Uncle_Willie Always appreciate your feedback, insight and input on the main site.

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Like I’ve said before, I was very happy to discover CHU and the Gang … I don’t know if you plan on transitioning CHU to the New Forum, and centralizing all, but I have always liked the Forum Format … heck, I go back to USENET and BBS’s …

You guys are the winners, to me … you provide the insight, the up to date info and I know devote a lot of Love and Time …

I’m simply along for the Ride … :vulcan_salute:


Yeah, I would love to just make the comments on the CHU main site just port over to here. I think we’re doing a test and feel type of scenario, maybe slowly migrate. Too much change all at once scares people and those who might not like forums or the like might go away and never come back.

I tested this type of forum with a test wordpress site that CHU runs off of now and it certainly just takes over the comments entirely. I think it pretty much makes the Wordpress app useless for doing comments as well since the forum takes command.

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I also go back to BBS’ times and remember them fondly. We are keeping the forum and CHU proper running. Readers can go to either or both.


I used the internet before there was a WWW… I feel old! :stuck_out_tongue:


I was blowing up aquatic message boards back in 1999 and had my own active one back in early 2000. I know you’re still working out the kinks but the navigation feels a little off. Most boards have a clear path you can follow to get back to the main/1st page.

DOGS>Small Dogs>Topic How can they eat that much chicken and still not get tired of it?

I seem to feel lost most of the time here with the only obvious thing to click is the small left side of the top of the screen area where the logo is. If there was someway to make that stand out/clearer it would help navigating.
Front page usually shows all the sub categories and generally the last post on the right side with time and date which you have to be careful of since many tend to use sticky topics to stay at the top of sub forums but too many can make people think the place is dead after they’re start date gets old and without a post on the outside with a current topic, the last topic can also get really old making people think noone’s here even though most of the traffic might be in only two sub categories. Another reason to avoid extras until needed.

Some color would be nice also, at least some MONEY GREEN mixed in.

Generally they include a theme which also appears to be MONEY here so something with post counts to work your way up and special titles for admin/moderators so people know if they’re getting help from joe common or site compensated party line propogandists.

That’s just a few thoughts so far, more time to think once FCBD is in the rearview.


This forum is Discourse, it’s definitely a new take on forums and flow of chatter than the traditional. Don’t think there will be an easy way to change. I do know if you click the top “Latest” tag link that takes you to it looks more like the traditional forum style where the latest updated topic is at the top.


@BJ I also went with Discourse cause I wanted to get away from the old PHP forums that are bloated and slow. I’m not a developer but I know enough to try and avoid PHP when I can.

Discourse keeps resource consumption low as well from my dabblings. I’m more concerned about the information and discussions rather than looks, a bunch of perks or plugins that only make the site more unusable, etc.

I like the clean straight forward approach and intend to keep this vanilla for the most part. When you start adding and adding, it complicates the setup and then you can find yourself in a pickle jam when something breaks.

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