Your Best comic find?

After watching Anthony pull an Amazing Spiderman 300 out of a random box, I wanted to hear everyones best comic find ever. For me, I grabbed an almost perfect copy of X-men Giant Size #1 off ebay, which was underpriced. I pressed the book and it eventually came back a CGC 9.6.


I’m quite fond of my Sandman #75 2nd print - picked up on a whim off Ebay, even with the cost of international shipping - which then graded 9.8, so one of only 5 on the census. Not sure what the realistic value is, certainly not the most expensive book I’ve got, but probably one of the last comics I’d part with.


Two of mine occurred a couple years ago.

I found a VG copy of Hulk 180 in a $100 collection of comics I purchased.

I found a FN copy of ASM #300 along with the entire McFarlane ASM run in a comic collection of 500 books I purchased for $200.


ASM 300 (probably about a 7.0) at Half Price Books for 1.50. This was about four years ago. I also got a NM ASM 4. (silk) for $2 there.


I guess I’m gong to have to go with two copies of Heir to the Empire #1. I found a regular copy and a newsstand copy both for $1 apiece.

The regular graded at 9.8 and the newstand at 9.6. I just sold both of them within the last two weeks for a combined total of $1500. I had zero issue undercutting other folks prices in order to get them sold.

I still have two copies in my collection as I do love the book, but I felt like it was a good time to sell. Hard to complain about that ROI even if they spike more when the ole Admiral shows up. I’ve learned my lesson about holding stuff for too long.

I want to make a big purchase on a book at a con in a few weeks and the sale of these will get me there.


Got a Spider-Man 2099 signed by Peter David in NM- condition at a local antique spot back home for 7$.


Best ever price-to-value win:

  • Probably Invincible Iron Man #9 Turcotte variant for $1.50.
  • At that same store, I also found a Ronin #2 signed by Frank Miller for $2. It paid off that Miller’s signature literally looks like a scribble to the unaware.

Best eBay picks:

  • Hulk #180, VG but complete, for $80. This was a few years ago but it was still more like a $250 book at the time.
  • Runners up are Wolverine #1 (1982 mini) for $30 and #2-4 for $3 each. All high grade.

Best comic shop picks:
Some great ones in the past few months!

  • Most recent was Wolverine Origins #10 third claw variant (1:100, first Daken) for $30
  • Secret Wars #8, G-VG, $8
  • SIKTC #1-10, $2 each

Best ASM #300:
Well, it’s the only copy I’ve bought, but adding here in honor of Anthony’s score. Found at a second-hand shop for $120 when market value was more like $300. Sent into CGC for one of the Todd signings and it came back 9.2.


I have a lot but some that come to mind Hulk180-182 $125 still have the 180 it’s graded 4.0 sold the 182 for $150 sold the 181 missing stamp good condition $2000 and my first black panther was $10 in 2009 now graded 5.0


I have regrets too passed on a nice silver surfer #4 detached cover for $25 a strange tales #110 for $250


A couple months ago I got a NM copy of Star Wars Clone Wars Defenders of the Lost Temple (1st Bo-Kayan) for $6. Got it off Midtown. Confused by their price but jumped all over it.


Y’all trying to get me to spill my secrets of good finds? Real ones move in silence! In all seriousness, though, I’ve had some success just buying stuff unseen on Facebook or such. A box of comics for $50-$100 here and there. Got a, “Last of Us,” comic when that was heating up by chance that way. One time got a big banker box of old comics for $150 and it had some really cool stuff when I dug in. First appearance of Blade, first Pym as Ant-Man, and some other goodies. At our local Half Price Books they were setting out stuff that had just come in one day and the first 12 issues of, “Something is Killing the Children,” were $2 in pretty good shape. Those are all some highlights.


Bought a large wrapped bundle of Double Impact books not long ago, around $1 each without seeing what they were. The more NSFW the cover the higher they go for and the bundle included the most NSFW editions of some books.

They were cheap for 1 reason - Key Collector doesn’t list them and KC has become the go to source for stores to see if they have value.

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This one isn’t well known, but I found a copy of the first hip-hop comic, called “Rappin’ Max Robot” at a garage sale a few years ago. Only 500 were made. I had it graded and came back as a 9.4. The author, Eric Orr, has a copy featured in the Hip Hop Collection at Cornell University. It’s actually a cool story if you are a comic historian. It has ties to a famous artist named Keith Haring, who was friends with Andy Warhol.


Found a coverless copy of silver surfer 4 for .80 in a back issue box.


Congrats on the 9.4 and yes I am jealous! :grinning:

I did secure this past fall a Rappin Max Special Edition 1 for a fair price. 250 print run.

Funny a Special Edition 2 raw copy sold today $550. This also was 250 print run.

Eric Orr doesn’t get the respect he really deserves as a street artist who created the first hip hop comic in 1986. :+1:


Agree 100% on Eric Orr. I’ve chatted with him about it a couple times on Instagram. Really cool guy.

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Garage Sales, Yard Sales & Flea Markets over the last 25 years make up most of the entirety of my keys.
Major Bronze and Silver keys
If I paid more than $2 for any of them, I considered it too much at the time.

These days, the yard sale Well is almost all but dried up.
People know what they have these days - the MCU made it that way

Dollar bin finds back in the day


Back in the day, all Star Wars books were in dollar bins… :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Bought an Ultimate Fallout set for around $9 with a 10% discount.
  • Bought a CGC 7.5 ToD #10 from eBay for $70 a few months before the MCU spec boom.
  • Found a bunch of Invincible Iron Man #7’s & #9’s (Riri), All-New Marvel Now Point One’s (Kamala), Ultimate Fallout #4 2nd prints (Miles) & so much more of these next gen characters in the $1 bins when collectors were still pooping on them for ruining their Marvel Comics. Sold most of them for a very good profit.