Your Office / Wo/Man Cave

So i am in full on SDCC mode. I have texts and tweets and numbers going everywhere and i am AMPed up in my prep. Its hard for me to wind down so i figured why not share with the group. This is our shared office space. She has her side and I have mine … you can tell its my side from the amount of clutter i have. We are huge collectors and the stuff on my wall has great value to me. My Jurrasic World poster signed by the cast was the First item i ever won going to SDCC.



Feel free to share your space and collection as well.


I wish I had my own cave… my workspace is my couch. But I think it’s funny to see one side kind of messy and the other all neat and tidy. If my wife and I had a setup like this, it would be her side that’s a little messy while my side would be nice and tidy.

Yeah, We are complete Opposites of each other. I think thats why we get along so well. She complains im too messy, i complain shes way to neat. In the end we meet in the middle.

Shes also a trip during the conventions. I point her in the direction we need to go for Exclusives and she has no problem pushing people out of the way to get to them :slight_smile:

The pic Below is hers. She stalked the Archie booth at Comic Con just to get the exclusive covers. Originally they “Lost” a box of thier covers and didnt know where it was. she stalked the booth for three days until they found it. sunday morning she brought them cupcakes as a thank you and Adam Hughes was there so he did a quick sketch and signed for her as a thank you for the pastries.

I’ll show one room don’t mind the mess, and I don’t display comics. Last picture was giving me trouble so that’s about half of it on that wall.

Uploading: 08434FB8-1058-40E3-BB72-B59A6912102C.jpeg…


I don’t display my individual comics either. But this is my chilling area.








Love that :bug:

Alice in Wonderland Caterpillar. Smoking his bong. :smirk: Mcfarlane Toys.

I really like your Venom/AntiVenom book end thingys, and Im jealous of the Chucky doll, Alana. Great stuff you got’. :+1::fire:

They’re the old Halloween masks from hot topic from about a decade ago. I have them stuffed with paper so they stand up and fill out.

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Man, i thought u might be cool … then i saw the Raiders logo and said ooooo hell no

The comics on my wall are all signed by stan lee. I wouldnt displsy any thing else unless it was certified signed and i witnessed it

I just turned 40, and I am a diehard RAIDERS fan of 30 years. TB and the Pats Dynasty (yes, I saw the TB picture in your cave) started in Foxboro when your Patsies screwed Woodson, Gruden and the RAIDERS, with TBs tuck rule FUMBLE!!! Gruden is back, and the RAIDERS are going to end the Patsies Dynasty this year. :skull_and_crossbones: :beers:
PS. I hope you’re enjoying yourself at SDCC, @Mike_C.

:slight_smile: if im going to be honest, im realy not a sports fan. The picture was a gift to the wife from her brother. it just happens to be on my side.

My uncle ( who worked for the post office back in the day) was a Die hard raiders fan as well. To each thier own :slight_smile:

Being 40 is the new 30. happy Birthday :slight_smile:

SDCC … so much work to be done… so much work. Working on the list and schedule of what to hit and when . Im still mad that IDW sold the special edition 95 online instead of at thier booth.

Maybe sometime today i will take a picture of the garage where my comics are… well one of the places lol :slight_smile:

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BTW, Love the Classic Nintendo you have under the Raiders stuff. I never kept my old consoles, always traded them in.

The 8-bit Nintendo is a top loader Nintendo. Meaning, the classic NES cartridges load into the top, just like the SNES. The top load eliminates all the loading problems that the original NES had. No blowing in the cartridge, no wedge to hold the cartridge down Nintendo produced the top loading 8-bit for a short period during the initial release of the SNES. I love my top loader NES. Thx, for noticing, @Mike_C.

The top loader also has a ‘dog bone’ controller. Its rounded ends makes it much better to hold, as opposed to hard square corners of the original NES controller.

What’s the best practice for uploading photos - when I go to upload it always tells me it’s too big.

If u use a iPhone, email it to ur self and select small

Decided to just use imgur;

I have a really dry basement and have deployed multiple dehumidifiers… since there’s no sunlight I display away.


Amazing collection you got a few books I don’t have on that wall. Great toys too, is that a Manthing bust?

How easy are those Clip things you used to hang your comics? i thought about using those but opted for the clips instead.

No, it’s an awesome Swamp Thing figure that was a SDCC exclusive a few years ago.

They even made him feel spongey!