1st VENGEANCE (Bane's Daughter)

In Joker #2, Vengeance (Bane’s Daughter) will be introduce. Does anyone think this has spec worthiness to it. Or is this going to be Anarky kind of spec (Det 608 - not much spec).
Coming to community for advice.


I think there will be some initial scrambling for the variant no one was expecting. As for long-term spec… I’m kinda doubting it. Look at Bane himself. As prominent as he’s been in comics and DKR, his first appearance still isn’t that expensive.

I’m assuming Joker 2 will have a lower print run than VoB, which will help. But I don’t think Bane will stay dead and I suspect Vengeance will become an also-ran. Total, pure speculation that I may end up very wrong on.

That’s how I feel. If Bane’s first appearance is still pretty much affordable, then his daughter likely won’t amount to much. Only time will tell. It’s gonna be like a lot of DC spec, flip fast before it’s dead on arrival.

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see jokers daughter


I’ve got one copy of Joker 2 on pull and if my LCS has a 1:50 for a decent price I MAY pick it up but ONLY because I dig the cover.

Yea I wouldn’t pay ratio for this. It’s a really cool cover but I don’t see any reason to own it unless you really love Batman and Bane

Its 2021 everything is specced on. Most likely a $10-$12 Cover A on day of release. Lol


I disagree on the 1:50 secret variant. Its not going to be that easy to find and will hold a lot of value. Also 1st cover appearance. The regular issue, I dont expect it to go crazy.

Midtown still has all 3 regular covers as 1 per if anyones interested.


It is a crazy market. Might be an ok short term flip. I think the 1:50 is a good buy if you can find someone selling it for less than $100(seems unlikely but worth looking around). Tons of $300 sales right now.

I work from home a couple feet away from a Knightfall wall, would love to add that book to it but can’t pay too much. There are still cheap future MCU first appearances i would rather buy.


Aside from the 1:50 or an under-ordered 2nd print…nothing to see here.


But if stores say it’s a KCC Key Book to infinity? :thinking: :rofl:

Man at times I really hate Key Collector App, it really limit me on what I can do in the store. Meaning I can’t buy multiple copies of a book because god damn everyone is on that app and the store owner now is limiting what I can buy even though I not using that app (I’m not even buying more 2 than copies per visit). I swear my mug is on a Wanted Poster (then again I snagged 2 x Teen Titan 12 (NM) bout 4 years ago at cover) , not sure if he still remembers it.


The last time this happened at Midtown where copies last almost a week before selling out… cough cough Robin King cough cough, the issue fell flat fast.

@ImLegend Your post made me laugh. It really has changed things and is true. I sort of feel the same way. Every single darned purchase I make at a shop seems to be over analyzed now.
“Why you buying that?” “Is that heating up”? “Uh-oh…I better look that one up!”

I’m like damn…sometimes I just buy comic books. I like the cover. I’m missing the book, etc, etc.

I’m gonna start singing that song by B.O.B “I’ve got the magic in me…Everytime I touch that comic…it turns into gold…”

could not convince myself to get one for 3 bucks last weekend

This happened to me at 2 different location in the last month, one was Nightwing 78 and another was Black Adam, Endless Winter. One store said you already bought this (Bought it like couple days back), got rejected. Another store told me “You flippin for $70 (Black Adam)”, I told him I will get it graded. He was ok with it.

The store I got rejected, I wonder if the book is there after 2 month and I go buy it, is he going to say “hey you bought that before, you can’t buy that”. I mean is there a grace period or what?

They have sign saying 2 copy per new releases, I’m cool with that. But if its after 2 weeks and its sitting there and I’m trying to buy 2 copies and get rejected. What the limit or guideline…

I even found a store that has “we priced our back-issue at check out”, god daXX. They are too lazy to keep everything updated…

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If a store prices at check-out, I don’t buy from it.


This is an example of why you need to do your own spec, and not listen to an app to tell you what is worth buying. If you buy the book before it’s mentioned on the app, then when they check the price at checkout, it’s just a $1 bin book (or whatever). :stars: