AgentPoyo's Comic Book Sell Off

I’m gonna start listing books I’m selling here on the CHU Forums. If they go unsold, I’ll be listing them on eBay or other marketplaces but I figured I’d rather give CHU Members first dibs.

First up is Batman #666 which seems to range anywhere from $20 to $40 dollar range on eBay. I will admit, this was a $1 find at a Half Price Books a few years ago. Considering it had no bag and board, it’s in pretty great shape. Probably a 9.6 on a good day but definitely a 9.2 or 9.4 at minimum I would say. Just the bottom spine corner on the back shows a little roughness with no real other noticeable spine ticks, etc.

DM/PM me directly if you are interested. I’m asking $30 but will take best offers as well.

Current Status: SOLD!!!


Next up is The Last Ronin #1 1st Printing. Prices are kind of all over the place it seems for this one, hard to nail down a good price as eBay is flooded with the variants and additional printings. Asking $85 for CHU members or best offers taken.

Current Status: Available on eBay


I’m watching this thread closely!


I’ll try and dig out some Batman/Detective books to list as I’m going along. I have more of those when it comes to DC than most other titles.

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I swear, if I didn’t literally get a Batman 666 in the mail yesterday I had bought from someone I’d be all over yours!

Wow, I had no idea cover A of Ronin was that much. I sold mine a while back as I have the 1:10 RI, which actually sells for about $30 less!!

I guess A just turned into that classic/iconic cover.


Is Batman still available @agentpoyo?

Yes. I’ll try to update here when items are sold.

Two is better than one!

Sorry I forgot how to do a DM from here lol. But I’ll take Batman 666 from you.

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I didn’t realize they were going for that much either.

The Batman #666 is no longer available.

I wonder who got it…

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The Last Ronin #1 is now listed and available on eBay!

Will be pulling out more books to sell this weekend.

Update: LAST RONIN has been sold on eBay!

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Amazing Spider-Man #30

Make me best offer for those interested via PM/DM please.

Great condition, only noticeable defect is what appears to be a slight indention like it was a fold or something on back cover upper corner. See pics.

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@rob92807 is the highest bidder… who wants to outbid him? :slight_smile:


…now, if only it was a newsstand, Mark Jewlers, Canadian price variant!

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But is it “unread?”