Alfred is Dead

There was already a thread started about this.

He’s Dead, Jim (Gordon)

Took long enough to confirm it though…although Batman isn’t aware yet. The rest of the family seems to know.

I wonder is this is the first step in Bruce retiring as Batman…the second step being focusing on his relationship with selina, and eventually ending with Luke Fox taking over the mantel.

Maybe Brice will transition into more of a role like Alfred when Luke takes over…like what he is in Batman Beyond.

And when that loses interest they’ll reboot again!

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Probably just a re-boot sooner than later

What the heck? That’s a horrible subject that tells me it’s nothing about Alfred! :wink:

I remember that topic though, but this is a new confirmation since I think some people still had their doubts.

Has it really been confirmed? Where’s the body? Has Batman concluded his investigation into the matter?

Has an official statement been released from DC comics, or are we just speculating (still) on descriptions as provided in previews of upcoming comics?

I think it’s more the latter, as it is not yet fact.

Oh, and the subject was fine. General enough to garner interest, yet not totally spoil the contents.

And it was a clever Star Trek TOS reference. So it has that going for it too.

Well, considering they have a book titled R.I.P. I’d say that’s pretty concrete evidence that he’s dead. But you know, this is the comic book world, so he at anytime could be undead… :wink:

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I remember an arc called Batman: R.I.P…


How’d that one turn out?

Well, that’s just the name of the story arc. This is a one shot for Alfred, pretty sure he’s dead. All the solicitations for it and other books pretty much point to the obvious. If King doesn’t keep him dead, remember the wedding? I don’t think he want to do any take backsies or he’ll find himself without a job…

I believe he is dead as well…but I’m anxiously (well, not really) waiting confirmation in the books as opposed to relying on solicitations and titles. As is par for the course with King, he’s dragging this drama out.

Honestly, I don’t care if he’s dead or not. I already made my money by dumping off the Batman #77 books I picked up… :stuck_out_tongue:

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