Another reason not to use CGC

Not mine but sheesh that’s damage caused by CGC not pre existing damage. :roll_eyes:

Yep great reason to use CBCS instead!

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I can not identify what that ‘damage’ is, specifically. It doesn’t look like any typical damage that you would see on a comic book. It almost appears as if it’s a reflection, and not anything on the actual book. And how did it receive a 9.8 with such significant damage? Something isn’t quite adding up there, imo. Can you name your source here, Alana?

Looks like a bend. I recently saw a cgc 9.8 where the book had shifted and crushed into the case.

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I’ve had to return cgc books bought on eBay because there was a fold or something inside the case obviously occurred after grading/during encasement.

I’ve seen some posts elsewhere of people receiving damaged comics back from cgc…will see if I can hunt them down as it seems to be more and more common.

Another reason to just keep your books FREE and FLOPPY… :wink:


I saw this posted somewhere on Facebook. Looks like it was damaged while it was put into the case or dropped after it was graded.

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I just went to an LCS and he was selling a CGC 9.8 ASM 361 and it had a very obvious color break ding right on the spine. Didn’t check the date it was graded, though.

Also saw a CGC 9.8 with one of the corners missing.

One color break is ok if the remainder of the book is perfect (and the break is very short) Remember there are also 9.9 and 10.0 grades…so there has to be a defect to be a 9.8…possibly two…but not two color breaking, imo.

Missing a corner sounds big, though.

Corners are overrated… they should make comics with round edges…


In all seriousness that probably would take a special printing press or whatever cuts the pages…probably raise the price of books 50 cents to $1 to pay for such a special machine.

Wow, good to know, guess my books with 1 color break have a shot at 9.8 then.

The pictures are from a post on frankies comics Facebook

Guys first time submitting to CGC

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If the break is barely noticeable…barely breaks color. Corners have to be sharpe…The thing is there usually is another defect present that will inevitably drop it below 9.8 if you have a spine blemish.

And last!


Hmm, was pretty noticeable on the ASM 361, about 2mm across.

Could it be that the toploader is damaged instead?

L.E.: Nah, never mind, I can see the ripple on the lower edge of the back cover.

A color breaking crease Knocks a book down to VF at the very best. That’s if you’re actually going by Overstreets and not that vague bullshit used by the grading companies.

I’d also be interested to see CGC’s scan of the book itself before blaming CGC. I think if the book was dropped it could’ve been caused by that.

I’ve seen some pretty bad grading by them. Including a bunch of 9.8’s with missing corners. They allowed it because it was a printing error. Quality Control should’ve removed the book before being distributed and I disagree on some of the printing defects they allow.

…I like CGC.

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