Aphra Vol.1 potential spec plays

Hey guys. I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot of chatter about Doctor Aphra lately. I have been reading the series and I’m going to share some possible spec plays for Doctor Chelli Lona Aphra.

Aphra has a fairly short history as she was introduced in 2015 in Darth Vader #3. She first appeared alongside her lovable, sociopathic droids BT-1 and 000 (an astromech droid and protocol droid, respectively). Chelli then went on to star in her own monthly, which lasted 40 issues and ended in late 2019. This first volume of Aphras series is where I will draw this potential spec from.

Aphras story was a fun journey as we followed her around the universe jumping from one self inflicted disaster to another. Aphra spends a lot of this series at odds with her two droids, BT and Trip as she likes to call them, and eventually they become foes.

The major love interest/antagonist throughout the series is an Imperial commander named Magna Tolvan. Tolvan makes her 1st appearance in Dr.Aphra #3, and Tolvan is a recurring character throughout the series. And as mentioned above, she at one point was a love interest of Aphras. Tolvan goes AWOL from the Empire due to her relationship with Aphra and eventually sides with Mon Mothma and the Rebellion.

Another foil to Aphra throughout her first series was a rebel, cyborg cop named Tam Posla, from the planet Milvayne. Posla was originally a friend of Aphras before Aphra betrayed him by rigging his Cyborg partner with explosives and detonating those explosives in order to escape one of Aphras many debacles that she puts/finds herself in. Posla is at one point possessed by a force weilding space fungi and is intent on seeking ‘justice’ against Aphra for killing his partner. Posla is a recurring character intent on Aphras downfall. He makes his 1st appearance in Dr. Aphra #15.

At one point Aphra meets up with a young girl named Vulaada Klam. Vulaada is a ‘street’ kid from the underbelly of Milvayne who has a pet Qaberworm named Gurtyl. Vulaada becomes Aphras adopted sidekick in the last arc or two of Aphras first volume. Vulaada and Gurtyl make their first appearance in Aphra #27. I could see Vulaada & Gurtyl replacing Trip and BT as Aphras sidekick if there was to be a live action show/feature.

One last set of characters that have played a sizeable role in Aphras first volume were a husband and wife team of Monster Hunters named Winloss and Nokk. Winloss is an out of the box thinking human, and Nokk is a lizard type humanoid who is a deadly markswoman/huntress. They continually cross paths with Aphra on several occasions and the relationship towards Aphra is of pity/hate. They make their 1st appearance in Dr. Aphra Annual #2. (There is one more alien type character named Sister Six who befriends Aphra and makes a few appearances throughout the series. I’m having trouble finding her 1st appearance. And there is also Sana Starros. Sana has been covered before, I believe)

There is a little bit of insight into Aphras small little universe, and I believe all these characters mentioned are canon. Cheap potential spec on a currently hot property. :beers:, Gang.

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Good write up! Aphra’s popularity is growing and if that rumored “female” Star Wars D+ show isn’t about her it is only a matter of time before she makes her way onto the big or small screen in my opinion. I do think that rumor is about her though. It very well might be a good time to pick up some of her supporting cast and as you stated they are cheap right now.

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I’m ready… for Aphra!

I also have 2 other Darth Vader #3 Regular Covers and also a CGC 9.8 as well. I might have a few more Darth Vader #3 tucked away but I’ll have to dig for them.


You should tread lightly on Star Wars comics they have been worthless for 40 years for a reason outside of the .35 cent variant for #1 which has always been pricey. The .35 cent variant use to be on par with amazing fantasy #15 in the old price guides from the late 80s early 90s so people sought it then, but in 2010 the .35 cent variant could be had for $700, I know this because I bought one for $735 at the time. I wanted aTMNT #1 first print which were going $1500 at the same time and couldn’t afford that. I sold the .35 cent for a sizable profit but not what a TMNT #1 demanding these days and this isn’t long ago 10 years. Everything else in Star Wars comics people could care less about, because if you collect Star Wars you got enough shit you have to collect you can’t be wasting time and money in comics. My husband collect Star Wars stuff for a good period 1000’s of unopened figures sold it all put it in magic cards sold them all put it into comics that’s how our comic collection started. If your really rich and your Star Wars collection is beast then you probably will dabble in the comics. But most of the buzz of Star Wars comics I feel is spec sites have run out of stuff to spec on so people churn out 1st appearance Star Wars lists. People follow and buy them because we all want 1st appearances, but in reality all Star Wars books were dirt cheap if you wanted them you really had decades to buy them at those prices.

I was thinking about this very same subject. Bronze and Copper age Star Wars comics outside of a few keys and most collectibles from the 90’s on have for the most part been junk.The comics were only for die hard fans. I think that may be changing. Maybe not so much for the toys from the 1990’s but at least for the comics. Star Wars is bringing in even more fans than before and it looks as though some of that new fan base are starting to collect the comics. Having a constant stream of Star Wars Movies and TV shows isn’t hurting this. Disney owning the property regardless if one loves them or hates them doesn’t hurt either. They are a PR monster! They can keep something hot and in the public’s eye a lot longer than most other studios. It is only my opinion, but I think Star Wars comics from all years are starting to become legit and even a growing batch of very worthy spec options. This may continue if show and movie creators bring in characters that first and only appeared in the comics. Time will tell but I think Star Wars comics are on the up swing.

When I first started collecting in the mid 1980’s Wolverine was getting very hot. I remember some veteran collectors and dealers talking about how there were tons of 181 all over the place and how they would be surprised if a NM copy ever reached $100. That is an extreme example but when something gets hot and keeps gaining steam for a while demand starts outgrowing supply. If that maintains, a few years later you have a legit comic or group of comics.I have no idea if that is what will happen to a lot of Star Wars comics but I think there is a chance many of the keys will start seeing a lot more movement over the next few years. Crazy as it sounds, Star Wars comics may actually start to be good investments…maybe.

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Star Wars was dead spec for a long time because it was dead, or there wasn’t anything really exciting.

New characters were invented in the movies for the sake of closing up the sky walker saga. Now that that is over, they’re looking for new ideas to keep the cash cow flowing.,and like with the marvel universe there is a long history of good stories and interesting characters he comics invented and explored.

So I’m not at all surprised Star Wars comics are becoming good spec books. The marvel books likely are somewhat “cannon” and most spec lies there…but Disney owns the rights to the dark horse characters, I believe, so they may dip into those as well.

Yeah, some will spike and die out, just like many newer marvel characters…but characters like Aphra you know will become the next Boba fett or spider Gwen as a new generation latches on to them.

We’ll see what happens…but I only see key character Star Wars stock going up right now…been saying this since last fall…strike while the iron is hot. Make some cash.


Hmm…I feel like certain issues have always been outstanding investments/books to have. From a “Star Wars” collector (I have more vintage SW toys/collect SW more avidly than comics) standpoint, there are certain issues that have always been pretty popular even among non comic collectors. They won’t ever reach the “blue chip” status of other books but they have always done very well.

#42, #48, #68, and the few final issues of the run always sell immediately in sales/auctions/etc.
The initial Clone Wars books including the 1st Ahsoka will continue to do well. I know there is the whole Target Book argument over her 1st but frankly, I don’t care about that book and from what I’ve seen…Clone Wars #1 will always be the book to have.

There is a very intense following of character/plot lines associated with “The Old Republic” and generally speaking “Sith/Evil” characters. Darth Bane, Darth Plagueis, Admiral Thrawn, Darth Revan, Mandalore/Mandalorians. While some of the issues featuring these characters have come to the center of attention, there are still a ton of books relative to these areas that haven’t. I buy any and all books associated with these areas of the SW universe.

I think any comic that has appeal/cross over to different collectors is one worth buying/investing in.

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The issue with most of the Star Wars comics is that most of the characters have already made their way onto the screens before their comic debut. We all know when the carriage comes before the horse the spec is already dead.

Doctor Aphra is a bit different along with a few other characters they might be debuting on Disney+ as shows. I think they have a little more going for them cause they’re preceding their on screen debuts, which makes them a little more special I think for some collectors.

The first volume of Star Wars books that Marvel put out was just along the companion comics with same stories found in the movies for the most part.

Do I think these are going be huge profit investments? No but I can say it’s nice to know I spent $3.99 for a book that’s now commanding $30+ and then the 1:25 variants I got both for dirt cheap, I think one at cover price for $100+ currently. That’s why I’m ready… if the news hits that they are doing an Aphra Disney+ show, selling just one book paid for about all the books that I have… :slight_smile:

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What’s special about issue 48?

Just finished watching the Mandalorian. Gonna go back and read my copy of issue 68!

Issue #48 was written by Larry Hama and tends to be grabbed by many of his fans. Not saying it is a huge dollar book…but I find it always sells pretty readily if it is out.

Also…since you are onto the Mandalorian stuff. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic issue #7 and #8 have still seemed to go under the radar. Issue #9 took off because of a “reported” Sith First appearance…but I find #7 and #8 still sitting because people all went crazy for #9.

The cover for #7 is really cool as well.

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“We need a Baby Yoda comic with 50 variants!”

–Someone at Disney.

Just give it time.

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Cool. Thanks for the tip. Will keep an eye out when shops open again.

Funny reading this thread again. So much has changed since then in the world of Star Wars comics.

Oh past Alana…coming back to haunt present Alana.

She was not counting on the popularity of the Mandalorian to spring board SW spec…

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So, what should we do about this bad spec? Maybe we should fire her?

Actually, @jcLu nailed it. All these books, aside from Aphra 15 & 27, are trending up and no show has been officially announced.

Likely just a matter of time for 15 & 27.

Aside from issue #3, are there any other Darth Vader books worth chasing? I see her in several covers…that’s what I’m looking into at the moment,

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Nah, just cut her pay in half. She’ll just stand by her position that it’s still just a fad and people have nothing better to spec on at the moment…and to some that would be true…

Is SW so hot because of its potential? Or just that there aren’t any great movies/series to spec on right now?

I thinks it’s all the above, plus a little stimulus money.


Look at this guy!! He and @jcLu should start a spin-off rival spec site, maybe?

Maybe not…

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Do it… and good luck! :wink:

Im content where I am. :grin: