Batman #100 1st Ghost-Maker

This is old news, but yet another 1st appearance, finally on TFAW for pre-sale.

Any covers with Ghost Maker on it? This is going to be a heavily ordered book…

I didn’t look closely at all the characters on cover A, but maybe he is on there.

Not on any covers. The 1:25 is Batman.

Of note per tynions last newsletter, it appears he may only cameo in 100.

I wish he would stop with these announcements.

He’s playing with speculators… he knows speculators boost orders… He knows exactly what he’s doing… gotta bring that print run up since it was sliding under King… DC said, turn our golden property around or you get axed… so Tynion says… hmmm… comic book nerds love new characters… let me create 2 dozen for my Joker War story line and blog about it… :stuck_out_tongue:

Which is why I wish he would stop

He won’t, DC apparently likes to make money to stay in business. :wink:

Don’t forget wasn’t Tynion only supposed to do through 100? They they were turning it over to another writer at 101 for their next generation characters. Tynion hit on punchline. Sales climbed. Now Tynion is on Batman for the foreseeable future and says he’s got stories planned for a year. He’s doing something right.

1 full page cameo/full…and he is named…in Batman #100


Source? If it is full page and named it’s gotta be a full first, right?

Cameo is Batman 89, Venom 25, etc. Full page and named is full first, it has to be.

Source ? Im a retailer. I get DC books previews.


First Full can be a page if it’s multiple panels on that page, if it just a full page one panel it’s a cameo

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Had to edit picture to hide sensitive retailer info.


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Looks like probably going to be seen as a cameo as one panel.

I think Batman #102 1:25 will be the book if this character amounts to anything.

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That’s just the Arkham Knight with a different color scheme.

Arkham Knight was one page in DC1K as well as Clownhunter in B96. Those are fulls, yes?

102 is first full and first cover as far as i know

I can’t get over the name. Ghost-Maker just seems silly to me. Like, “I’m gonna kill you and make you become a ghost, I’m the ghost-maker!” Meh.