Batman 106 vs 108

Which one will the book to have? Simply because retailers will be prepared for 108, I’m betting on 106.


I’m betting 106 too, but I’m doubling up on 107 as well.

Watch, she’ll fully appear in 107.

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You nerds and your talk about the very cool 106 cover have suckered me into pulling Batman. I’m wondering if 107 is the book to have.

Personally, I wouldn’t buy anything but the ratio variants for any of them. Furthermore, she could sneak up and appear in 107 and retailers may not be prepared.


I mean, I’m really just pulling my one copy. I’m not spec’ing DC; I just want to read it.

My apologies. I should have specified that I meant for spec.

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Oh no worries, I knew you meant for spec, which is why I commented on 107. I also just wanted to say that the 106 cover hooked me. :slight_smile:

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106 2nd print 1:25 retailer incentive.

That’s gonna be the winner!


If it was marvel, I might be worried.

Jorge Jimenez really tryna stress to us her first appearance.

Seems a little heavy handed. I got Bats in my monthly pull 2 issues. For 106 I upped it to 4 each. I’m feeling 107 as well might be a sneak by.

2nd thought… what if she cameos 106 but FULLY appears in another title BUT fully appears in Batman 108? :eyes::upside_down_face::exploding_head:


guys, so many people buy batman and its always a huge seller and with them hyping up these new characters I don’t really think any of them are gonna be “under the radar”


He can call 108 a “totally appearance” wtf that is, I call 106 a full appearance. This is the third year in a row that dc has done this at the same exact time of the year said one book will be the new hot characters first appearance and it end up another just like Batman who laughs, and Punchline.


Cause they’re playing you people… They want to sell a crap ton of 3 different issues instead of one…

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English isn’t his first language. He is probably using a translation program OR trying his best to translate it himself.

This could happen… now I don’t know what to order!

Edit: The more I read about it, then more I think she may cameo in Infinite Frontier #0. It’s solicitation reads " Joker JOLTS citizens" Molly is supposed to be a tech genius and, maybe it is just me, but I correlate the word “jolt” with tech… maybe it is nothing though.

The solicitation for 106 states “Following the events of Infinite Frontier #0, Batman and Ghostmaker reckon with a new gang” and I believe Molly may be part of this Unsanitity Collective.

Just a couple of pennies…

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@BatmanFan Those pennies are adding up to a dollar
. Already have 1 infinite frontier on order. I’ll grab 1 more just in case.

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Just now seeing THIS cover for Infinite Frontier

might be a Sleeper if the books has some gems in it.


According to Key collector:




  • 1st appearance of Simon Saint, creator of the Magistrate force
  • Black Adam becomes Shazadam
  • Nubia becomes the new Wonder Woman
  • 1st cameo team appearance of Titans Academy students.

Key collector didn’t mention Wonder Woman’s new costume. Looks pretty cool. This variant is the one to have because it features WW new costume.

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