Batman 106 vs 108

I was just thinking the same thing about WW costume. It could be the 1st cover for this. I have not read any DC comics since Batman 100 though, lol. I just order 3 of them in case.

Ive already spoiled 1st appearances for you guys in Infinite Frontier #0 last month. Molly is not in it.

BleedingStool already revealed the cameo in Batman #106 yesterday: Miracle Molly's Two Panel Appearance In Batman #106 (Spoilers)

Batman #108 is the 1st full appearance.

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107 could still be her first full. The Previews synopsis says Batman has some interactions with the Unsanity Collective in that issue. Molly is a member of that group.

I thought it was 3 panels guess only two definitely a cameo

Three panels, but completely shadowed in one of them.

Not that ghost maker has any bearing on miracle molly but they did cameo him in 100 and then wait til 102 for the first full. Similar to this supposed cameo in 106 and then full in 108.

Thing is, there isn’t spec on either of them.

There is now an Artgerm 1:50 foil variant too!

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Not right now but they are books you can grab a few cheap pre order priced copies of and stash away for the long term.

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Not to mention there will likely be exclusives to flood the market with extra incentives.

I think there’s a ton of #100 compared to numbers for #102. Even then, I would still only buy the incentive for #102.

Correct me if I’m wrong I like how currently there are no store variants for Batman 106.


108 also has a new villain first appearance.

@ SpiderHunter … who is on the cover of Infinite Frontier #0 you posted ?

Wonder woman. New outfit I’m assuming

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Is this the Yara WW you are talking about?

I think this one’s Nubia, the other other WW. Edit, or maybe Diana’s new costume? I’m now not sure

Its said its Diana… the skin tone screams Diana. Unless they’re coloring on the lighter side of Black/Brazilian.

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And I dont see much mention about the 2nd cover either… might be a Sleeper. Its not even on Key Collector as a variant

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Who? Wyze?