Batman #90 Cover A

Midtown already sold out of Cover A. It was limited to 1 per customer. Cover B still available but A will be the winner if this issue takes off.

Thanks. Grabbed a copy of cover B.

Why is A the winner? It’s just Bat and Cat…

Because Mattina sucks now?

Lame. People don’t care about that when it comes to a first appearance.

Has anyone ever tried placing two separate orders with midtown?

Sure they do, the Cover A is part of story while Cover B is just some regurgitated art Mattina likely did months ago…

But yes, I’ve done it inadvertently once. I ordered a book that was 1 per. Went back later that day and added more stuff, threw in same book that was limited to 1 per… got them both, but did have to pay shipping costs on each order.

Also, Midtown might of gone heavier on Mattina cover. They love Mattina. Seems he’s always at their booth during NYCC to do signings…

Gonna give it a shot. WhAts the worst they can do?

Cancel the order is all I’ve heard they do in the past. Check out once with paypal and use CC# on next order. I doubt the packers even take notice of the name on the mailing label.

That’s what I did! Will see what happens.

You’ll get them both more than likely. Midtown probably sells the most books online out of all retailers, with the amount of orders they get, they’re not gonna have the time to bother each and every order for comparison.

I figured they’d have a way of knowing by account number. Like MyComicShop won’t let me charge check out…even if I already made a separate purchase of the same book. Pulls it out of my cart at checkout.

Probably depends on the software they’re using. Maybe Midtown treats as if, once you leave the store and come back, you have reset the customer count… essentially, it’s one per customer at checkout… you become a new customer if you already checked out, left, and then came back later… :wink:

I noticed the 2nd print of issue 91 looks to be a limited trade dress version of the A cover 1st print.

I knew they’d switch to this from the different color backgrounds!!