Batman #92 One Per Store Variant Announced

DC announced they would be doing a one per store
Batman 92 Thank you Variant for retailers. It is already creeping out on eBay

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Anthony does everything from his phone… that’s his problem :wink:

I wouldn’t be a customer at $49.95. I like that DC is pulling out all the tricks now one per store variants and later printings with new covers.

Does this hurt or help my 1:25 copies?

Help. Probably helps all covers of #92. This BW cover won’t be 1st print.

$750 for cover of a character that hasn’t even been in what… 10 issues yet… yeah, no thanks! I’d rather blow $750 on 750 scratch off lotto tickets…

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That’s how I need to look at things does this book have a better return than its equal in scratchers.

I’d rather blow $750 on skeeball, win 20k tickets to get myself a new blu-ray player and some shitty candy to eat on the way home… :stuck_out_tongue:

A= Percentage chance of higher sale
B= How many times cover it can sell for
C= avg return on $100 scratchers

(B%A)x100>C in order to purchase

Something like that

Ironically it’s the same store Alana recommended for the Momoko variant

Yep their variants are overpriced but their later printings and preorders are cover but plentiful in quantity the $4.95 shipping is why I use them sanctum wants $12 to ship 3 books Tfaw is just as expensive on the shipping for me.

They say they are based out of Houston so it must be Poyo’s basement comic shop😂

Don’t tell. It’s his side project.

I’ve bought previously from them. No real complaints other than I think sometimes their preorder eyes are bigger than their stomachs. I’ve had to wait an awfully long time for a preordered book that they ultimately must not have received on time or ran out of. I did get the books though.

Yup… I drive 3 hours to Houston daily to make minimum wage… :wink:

I got screwed on the Venom 27 funko Variant from them and that was my first time dealing with them so it will be the last unfortunately no matter what kind of deals they offer.

I like the colored version better.

My shop usually puts out their thank you variants for cover…somehow I don’t think this one will sneak it’s way to the shelf…

1 per store? That will put the print run into the thousands. I can see $150 maybe even $200 for a hot character but $750? That’s comedy!

This is one of the things that really ticks me off as a collector. When you can’t complete an ongoing set because you get priced-out due to exclusivity or artificial scarcity. This just makes it easier for me to buy less books.

People are willing to pay crazy amounts of money for new releases these days. There are increasing amounts of customers at the lcs recently dropping money for 26 copies of a book to get that 1:25. It makes more sense to buy 26 copies of the books than just buying the ratio. Some guy paid $1k at the shop for the Venom #27 double cover error book. Regulars buying 26-51 copies of books at a time makes me feel like I should be skipping some series or going for the cool cover on the 2nd-5th print money-grab.