Batman The Adventures Continue #4

Whatcha’ think? It is an interesting cover.

This artist has done a few of these cereal covers. I kind of like them, but haven’t purchased any yet. They are store variants, so buy them if you like the cover, but don’t count on them appreciating in value.

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Wish they were regular b covers I would collect a set.

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Agreed. I am hesitant on store variants unless I really like it. This one is interesting but not sure enough to make me fork over $20 on it.

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Same thing I said. I’d love if they were cover Bs. I already preordered both A-B covers all the way thru so far.

How is the story? Worth me going back to get the issues?

See the prices on Ebay for issue #2 ?

No u didnt post any screenshots? So I’ll go look and come back and let u know.

Current New Listings unsold

Sold past 24hrs or so

Sold on Aug 3rd

Poor Boy Comics ($7.99). 8 copies left.

The Bag n Board has them for $3.99, but two copies came up as $9 shipping ups ground

Fantom Comics seems to have them in stock…$3.99 and $3.30 media mail shipping. Looks like you can add up to 2.

Actually only allowing me to add 1 now…but you can add Death Metal 2 cover A too as it’s in stock.

I was surprised at the current prices too… what makes this new character so special with Batman Adventures Continues #2? Or is it just FOMO?

Hopefully the fomo lasts as I wiped out midtown (2 copies) and toss (1 copy).

Fantom was the only shop that had both covers, so I grabbed one of each.

My next questions is did the Key app or Tom or someone out this book in a “list” to make fomo collector react?

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Wheres all the copies of issue #2 on ebay? Only saw one and it was for $66. What’s going on with this comic?

Thanks for the tip! Just bought both covers.

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It was medium to low level hype when it released. I just paged through #2 & #3 I had sitting here as I preordered a few. Not overly impressed but Sunny is a clear full in #2 & continues in #3.

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Jim Comics mentioned #2 a couple of weeks ago.

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I remember some, maybe monopoly, pointing out #2 being spec worthy the days before coming out…But until today it’s been under the radar.

Funny how BTAC4 quickly side tracked into a #2 discussion.

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Posted pictures scroll up

Aaahhh Jimcomics ok. Crazy I bought multiples jus because I like the cover b and my shop tossed one in with my pulls. I think I have 4 or 5 of this issue.

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