Black Adam #1 1st app of Malik Adam

Malik Adam makes his 1st app in #1. He will be the new replacement. I saw the pages, so there’s no doubt. Cvr a is the best, but there is a 1:100 Foil Parrillo cvr. Hard to see many local stores buying 100 copies, but the issue is returnable.


Believe whatever you want. He’s in #1.


I’m saying…there’s…already…a…thread…about…it

So what. It says nothing about #1. Did you even read it? I’m tired of your crap.

Not my fault you cant read…

Again, it says nothing about him being in #1


read the thread posts

It doesn’t explicitly state he will be in #1. Even so, does everyone see these news threads?

A new thread is fine, let’s quit squabbling or if you want to argue you both can PM.


next miles? or next punchline?

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I still think punchline has lots of room to grow. With Harley being moved into a more anti-hero role, joker does need a new sidekick.

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I’m a huge Punchline fan. I’ve got multiple HA3 and one Batman 89. Not bragging, this us just to illustrate how much of a fan of hers I am.

Malik Adam will be on the 1:50 foil cover of issue #2, but I don’t think I’m willing to pony up the dough for it even pre-FOC.

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Or a mod can make a decision here and combine the threads, or state that they are different and leave it. Just saying …

David is a moderator. I think he basically decided in the post saying a new topic is fine.

Sure thing …

I think it makes sense to spotlight the new character. Plus, as I said, this comic is written by Christopher Priest and basically anything he writes is awesome, so we should discuss anything he does as much as possible :slight_smile:

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Wasnt objecting…both threads have value AND have similarities. It was just a suggestion, one of the real times a mod could step in (IMO).

The real time mod did step in. David stated it’s fine to leave as is and for them to knock off the squabbling… :confused:

Alright, back on topic. If you have issues with a moderation, take it to PM. There’s no reason to talk policies in how we run the site within topics a moderation took place.