Black Adam movie expected December 2021

Screenrant reported that the anticipated Black Adam movie is due to be released 12/2021. Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson will play DC’s anti hero in the film.

For those looking to Get Black Adam’s First appearance it is in the Golden Age book Marvel Family #1 (1945) by Fawcett publications. That one is a bit pricey to say the least, with even fair condition copies going for around a grand. His first modern appearance and very first DC appearance (2nd overall) is in Shazam #28 (1977). In my opinion, what makes this “modern” appearance stand out over most others is that DC had nothing to do with Black Adam when he was first created. They later bought the rights to Fawcett characters. Shazam #28 is not only the first for him as a DC property it is also be the first time he is seen in 32 years!

Since his re-debut Black Adam has been all over the place being a hardened villain to anti-hero. He has become a very important character in the DC universe and having his own film will certainly add to that!

Shazam #28 is a solid mid level bronze age key right now but the potential for it to grow to a high end, gold standard key is pretty darn good! The time to get this issue on the cheap is long gone but there is still plenty of room for this book to grow.

I do want to write a quick disclaimer here. I got in on this book about five years ago. I bought the equivalent of a small stack over the course of a year or so and put them away. I do have a bunch that I will sell at some point. I’m not writing this to boost FOMO or increase my online sales. I’m not planning on selling any of mine until an official trailer drops. That’s probably a good 18 months from now give or take. I just wanted to give some information to those who may have not gotten one yet. If you haven’t and feel the need to buy one asap, don’t be afraid to check out more than Ebay. Check other sites to see what they have to offer and of course stop by or give a call to local comic shops that deal in Bronze Age books. If you find one in the wild don’t be afraid to negotiate the price down or at least try.

This is a hot book that will only get hotter but there is no need to overpay. With that I don’t see much slowing for this issue. No guarantees of course but the future is very bright for Sahzam #28!


I’m going to be interested to what kind of “take” the movie portrays for him. I read the interview “The Rock” did about him and I almost felt like he is being turned into a fairly light hearted/good natured anti-hero. I believe the quote was something along the lines of “He’s a super hero who just likes to do things his way”…that’s not really how I see the character, but just my opinion of course.

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On a side note Black Adam appears on the cover of Alter Ego Magazine #7 from 1965. Not sure if he is shown on the interior but this magazine Is out there. From what I know of Alter Ego (and I know very little) it is more of a fanzine than anything else so that might limit its desirability to some. I think this falls more in line with something a Black Adam completist would want.

Also, it should be noted that the Black Adam story from Marvel Family #1 is reprinted in Shazam #8 (1973). Yeah, it was published before #28 but a reprint. This book could have some legs but #28 will always be the big winner.


I do think Black Adam will be portrayed as more of a typical hero type. It would be nice if they keep a bit of his dark side, but the Rock is very appealing to audiences so I am not sure the studio heads will want him to look like a jerk (which BA certainly can be). We’ll see. Hopefully they get the mix just right.

I’m looking forward to it regardless. I loved the look on the movie poster they released!
Thanks for the info on the books! Good to know!
I am not super familiar with the character other than more recent stuff.

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Excellent. Very helpful, informative, and appreciated. I’ll be on the lookout for copies… Thx!

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