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An employer has no right to pay an employee less due to their bank account, her wealth is irrelevant. A breach of contract is a breach of contract, not a difficult concept…


This is what Warner Bros. did when they announced same day streaming. They renegotiated everyone’s contracts. Disney didn’t, and when Johansson’s lawyers reached out to them, Disney ghosted them.

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I don’t see it as her complaining she doesn’t have enough money, she’s suing them for breach of contract. If you were in the same position, would you let Company X walk all over the agreed terms? I can’t think of anyone that would unless you’re just crazy and want people not living up to their agreed terms and word.


I see this type of lawsuit to prevent this type of thing happening in the future from corporations like Disney not fulfilling their contracts with employees. If she just looked the other way, then Disney doesn’t learn their lesson and they’ll likely try it again.

Yes, Scarlet has a crap ton of money, I’m sure she’ll be the first to tell you such thing so dragging that into the discussion claiming she’s “complaining she doesn’t have enough money” as just an assumption is moot to me and has no bearing on the actual reason she’s suing Disney/Marvel Studios.

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At some point it just becomes petty. I’m not backing up Disney here by any means, but my God she just looks ungrateful for the Amazing position she is in.

I think you’re judging her based on just the lawsuit rather than the overall picture of why she would proceed to sue them. We have very little facts, there’s probably a whole lot more to this but if she was hollering she wants her money… I’d be right here with you, calling her petty as well but there’s a bigger picture here I think.

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Employer: “here is contract agreed by both parties”.

After employee meets agreements…

Employer: “contracts don’t matter”

People who watch too much of one network: “so petty to believe a contract agreed to by both parties is enforced”.

If you needed more reason to see why Kevin Feige is dope


I don’t think Scarlett looks ungrateful at all…quite the opposite. She looks smart & strong standing up for herself. Disney is the one that looks bad if they truly breached the contract. And I agree with what ComicSpec said above…Disney’s comment about COVID appears to be a weak & transparent attempt to smear Scarlett…and deflect responsibility. It’s not hard for folks to see thru that one.

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Feige should be angry - he may be one of Disney’s golden geese right now, but this looks bad and will make future negotiations for casting more difficult. Even if everyone in Hollywood wants to be part of a success like Marvel Studios, this situation now opens the doors for agents and lawyers to really dig in.

I completely agree with this. That is why I say that I don’t support Disney in this issue.

Sure, she is standing up for herself… but until something else comes out about this it only looks like she is standing up to grab more money. She plays make believe professionally, I don’t really care if she only gets 20M instead of 50M. Cry my a river…

this is gonna get uglier…

My wife works in the film industry. She’s currently working on a Netflix show. You wouldn’t imagine how many people get screwed left and right. I still think you’re focusing on the money and not the overall picture. I don’t see her crying about getting more money, I see her sticking it to the man for breaking their agreed upon contract terms. Disney up and changed how the movie was released, taking payments that goes against their own contract terms to pay out those who opted to take a % of the income based on a theatrical release. Disney is effing her over by not paying her for the Disney+ streaming income and revenue so yeah, she’s entitled to sue them for breaching their original contract and by Disney opting to apparently just ghost her while making silly nonsense comments now to defend their position which they’ll likely lose (but we all know they’ll just end up settling and we’ll never know the terms).

But I feel this isn’t completely about the money, this is about principle. I think you make too many assumptions about a person you don’t know on a personal level. I don’t care if she gets 20 million or 50 billion for the movie either, I want her to win because a big corporation thinks they can break the rules and get away with it and I don’t think they should be able to.


A woman standing up for herself offends certain people…


I respectfully disagree that it looks like Scarlett is only going for the cash grab. Afterall, you could say exactly the same thing about Disney. I think it looks like she is standing up for herself and not willing to be screwed over (assuming there was a true contract breach). Kudos to her if that’s the case. She honored her end of the bargain and Disney should honor theirs. Yes, it’s all make believe, but it’s a business first. I hope Scarlett gets everything owed to her including attorneys’ fees and damages if they apply. And it’s ok for us to interpret Scarlett’s position differently.

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Why are people dissing Scarlet for wanting more money when Disney is holding up her money when they for sure don’t need it more

My guess is misogyny.

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Searched CHU and those offended by Scarlet wanting to be paid according to contract had no issues with Robert Downey Jr being paid as per contract for Avengers ($50 million for the first Avengers film). I would bet a short box if it had been Robert in this situation (or any other male actor) the reaction would have been different.

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Let’s take some zeroes out of it.

Walt says to Scarlett, “I will pay you $500 to paint a cover for this issue of my comic series. I’ll also give you a percentage of its sales, but just for the floppies.” It’s estimated that Scarlett will make around $5,000 overall, and the contract is signed.

Release day comes, and Walt decides to make the TPB available digitally on that same day. Many readers opt to buy the digital collection at home, instead of picking up the issue from their LCS. Scarlett ends up making $2,000. Is she wrong to be pissed?

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