Calling All Artist

Hi all,

I wanted a place to post my drawings without using the social media. And also wanted others to show there drawings off.

I love looking at art. I’ve been drawing on and off for almost 15 years. Not a professional artist and no art school. All self-taught since art school is a little pricy for me. I love watching JSC draw the female body. Yes all his females look like Mary Jane lol. But something about the poses he uses… I also love watching Jim Lee draw Wonder Woman. Man he just has so much talent it’s ridiculous.

I’m old school as I love my art to have action in them. I do love the poses that some artist do, but for me, it has to have action in them like Jack Kirby’s work. Every now and then I’ll do a sexy pose lol.

Well here is my drawing that I did during the shut down. And this one is for the Mercy comic by Mirka Andolfo.

Hope you enjoy and hope I’m not the only one posting drawings…


Well, it looks like I’m having problems uploading it lol.

Maybe someone else wants to upload theirs?


Very nice!! You beat me to it! I was thinking the same thing as you, putting up an art page! I’ll have something to contribute when the little one gives me some free time to art somethin up!

Cool! I am a terrible artist so I am always impressed by those who can draw/paint/etc.

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Can’t wait to see what you got…

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Ditto. When I met Jock a few years ago, he did a resketch in another guy’s Green Lantern HC book. I watched intently as Jock used his little artists bag with all sorts of tools in it. It started out as a green, black and white blob, then he transformed the blob into an awesome pic of GL in a jungle scene with his arrow nocked and bow drawn. It was crazy impressive.

I had a co-worker who draws in circles. After he’s done, he’ll take out his blank ink pens and start to outline the drawing. It’s crazy to see him draw. I’ve also seen their people hide the thumb under the pencil when drawing and yeah it’s crazy how art can be made.

Here’s a sketch I did last month for the giant Robin King thread on the forum…


Alright, was sorting through comics and a stash of backer boards while organizing, found this gem that I totally forgot I did on a backer board while just doodling and such… I need to add a bit to his arms as I ran out of backer board so it looks kind of strange as is… but I use to love drawing turtles…


So when I was reading Something is Killing the Children, and the whole concept is based on kids seeing monsters. I though of a cool idea. So here you go and hope you like it.

Note: This is not the drawing that I did for my wife. Just a quick doodle.


Here’s a really simple one I did today (but I like it a lot). My daughters are doing a secret Santa and one of them has a person who likes art and R2-D2. So… we got a blank “draw it yourself” comic book and two pens (fine and brush tip). Since we didn’t know if this person would know quite what to do with the pens, I drew a three panel comic for the card to explain (text to be added) that you pencil first, ink and shade, then color. My daughter is doing the coloring now with my Prismacolors.



The square in the first panel is for the *translated from droid note

I like that R2D2.

Please provide upstate once colors are finished.

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Coloring by my daughter!



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I finished this drawing back in November and finally convinced the wife to let me share it with you guys. Its for her Something is Killing the Children collection. Hope you guys enjoy.


Damn, she’s talented!

I drew it for her lol. But she does sketch from time to time but doesn’t finish them lol.


Oh, well, you’re talented!

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