Captain Marvel #8 7/17/19

Ahhhh… The beauty of forums, let the conversation organically grow and evolve. Now, we should try and stray from a complete hijack though. If you’re gonna do a complete 180 at the very beginning by asking a completely irrelevant question no where near related to the original post or replying to someone else’s brief mentioning of something else, then start a new one! :slight_smile:

This should do it. :crazy_face:

How about “appropriate” usages of duct tape for todays theme?

I don’t think I would be able to get my wife to go into your store … lol she would think it was waaaaay to messy and unorganized

I hear all the time it’s one of the most organized setups people have seen. Each publisher has a separate row for their comics. (IDW, Dark Horse and Dynamite share a row) Marvel gallery figures are above the Marvel Comics, DC Gallery are next to the DC Comics long with most of the DC figures and accessories. Manga’s together on the counter. Little Golden books have a section. Key chains have a section. Automobile section. Harley Quinn, Deadpool and Star wars have their own sections Even the T-shirts hanging are mostly hanging above their related comics. Children’s E for Everyone/All ages section up front. The Pops are taking over but even those are together for the larger sets. All the puzzles are together. In the other half the building each publishers trades have a section, cheap boxes have a section, all the beverage containers, mugs, plates and such have a section. Godzilla has a section. The banks have a big area. Theme comic boxes are mostly up high. There’s also the back room with maybe 200,000 comics computerized I can cross reference and fetch in a minute or two. It does get a little harder to keep everything put away in the same space each week with more boxes arriving weekly so some new arrivals are getting stacked higher and higher until I can get some time to build more shelving or sell down some to make space.

In the 1st side completed bundles get dropped to the bottom row of their publishers section. New comics are mostly in alphabetical order, same with finished bundles though I do tend to give big events a year or two of their own space.

Impulse buys for smaller kids are sprinkled around to maximize exposure if they’re a clearance item at a great price. I did drop a Venom containment system (lava lamp) and Venom umbrella beside the Venom comics in the picture and you can see Gallery restocks waiting for some shelf space beside the Marvel section. That Neca huge Deadpool has sooo many accessories he needed a little counter space even if he is blocking a lot of the playing cards that are all displayed together. All the Chia Pets are together on the floor waiting to move up and fill holes in the metals figures as they sell. extra’s in the other room but I try to keep one of all in the high traffic areas together.

Scooby, My Little Pony, True Believers, Disney titles and those Marvel 3-D’s all have end cap displays. Other than Image, more mature publishers go up high like Zenescope, Vertigo and Action Labs. I grouped all the Kirkman stuff on the top row 48 feet or so of the Image Section with Walking Dead getting most of the extra non comic items above that. Ghostbusters Select are above the IDW section. Deadpool and Star Wars Pops divide the two comics sections from each other.

Heh, just needs stacks of comics in the aisles and a quick glance would look like some of the hoards from the show Hoarders… :stuck_out_tongue:

"I’m not a hoarder, I’m a collector… " I love when they claim such things. It’s like seriously, you have bags of saved human poop in the corner of your living room cause you can’t get into your bathroom…

It can all go. Nothing pictured is desired to have stay. If it’d go a little quicker it would be helpful for organizing the rest. An easy example. Little Golden books have their area filled. I still felt the need to bring the 9 new ones in last week. Prior to getting time to build a new display they’re taking a row of the end cap closest to them. I did cut back on qty tough for each this time so I run out faster.

I’m also thinking if I ever give up dealing with Diamond/new, I’ve got a couple years worth of selling potential already hear. I actually have more Marvel Select figure types in stock than Diamond. I also like to think of it as one huge amount of blow out going out of business to fund a KFC capital potential. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (That’s as close to a chicken licking emoji as I could find on short notice to identify humor attempts correctly)

Im a hoarder. Plan and simple. I see my comics that i bought to flip and think " i cant let those go" and then 5 years later im crawling over them to get to the kitchen. Its how i raised the initial money to start selling, sold some of my comics and collectibles.

I still have a problem, now that im home with the LO i tend to hoard more and more and dont put things online when i should and then miss out on the " Hot Moment"

I tell myself that in August i will have a dollar sale just to clear out back issues… but we will see lol

I got stuck in the “buy everything to read and check out” and then it got to the point I couldn’t read them all and most are worthless to flip. Now I’m in the process of buying less and getting rid of them all slowly but eventually except the ones I really want to keep for personal reasons, not just value reasons.

It just got worse.
Captain Marvel and Cyclops Marvel Select figures are back in stock so I just e-mailed an order since the search is busted on Diamonds web site preventing direct ordering right now.

Did you get your TMNT 95 in yet ? I need to buy 2 cover A’s. rather buy from someone i atleast talk with then the facelss mobs of ebay.

I bought 2 Sunday night and the seller msg me last night saying it was a mistake and that he wanted to put only 1 up for auction at a time, not buy it now.

Thanks man. What is a photo bomb?

Where i spam a person with 8 pictures of something they wanted to see. IE Photo Bomb

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Cool but i don’t see anything in my inbox? I’m not quite sure how to send messages to others either using this platform?

Click the users name, then click the Blue “Message” button with the mail envelope on it.

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Still unpacking boxes/bagging and boarding but half my order wasn’t on the invoice for this week so unless it’s in the last box by surprise I want have tons of extras until next week assuming they’re on the invoice in the morning for next week when I check my mail. All 315 copies of WD193 arrived along with my replacement for that 75 cent Space bandits that was damaged. That books come down some already. Looking this afternoon it looks like TMNT95 B Cover is pushing $50 now. A Cover it appears I got shorted one copy unless I find it in the last box. B Cover I got an extra so that worked out for the better other than the thought you need A’s. I’m flying anonymous here turning down sales opportunities for Adam and such so I’m not sure how fair it would be to accept a sale thru here after saying no to others or how to accomplish that without being known and losing any reason to come back.

Well that is easy enough lmao

Teen Titans 32, good read, no mommy named yet.

Holy Shinola, BJ … your place looks worse than mine (in a Good Way) … and I’ve got 40+ years of accumulation …

Over the last several years, as my Insurance Tab for the Building and Contents has continued to escalate, the premium has become ridiculous …

Seriously, you’re keeping it Old School … none of that Fancy Mall Store look … I like it …

You should have Diamond’s “Retail Beat” come by …

You should see the other half the building.

You should have Diamond’s “Retail Beat” come by …

I’d be happy if just the people that come buy stuff trying to bust me selling early came by. I want some of those $4 a week DED payments back.