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My second Moon Knight slabbed book. This book captures CGC’s loose standards as I count 6 color breaking spine ticks. 9.4 is a far stretch…would be 9.0/9.2 if CBCS graded it, for sure.

Newton rings dead center too…might end up swapping this out for a cbcs book someday. It still presents well so overall I’m happy for what i paid.

3rd book is on its way…!

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That book is on my radar! For me, CGC has always been a little loose with grading, but that just makes it more pleasant when the grades come back and you were expecting lower. I wouldn’t re-send to CBCS. I like them but they do sell a little lower on average. Not as bad as PGX but still a CGC 9.4 will be worth significantly more than a CBCS 9.2.


It’s gotten to the point where I review and CGC books very thoroughly before buying online. Not only is their grading getting worse but they allow “production flaws” that should definitely drop the book down. Heres a 9.8 That’s almost missing a corner and it goes through the whole book.



Uncanny #221, 1st appearance if Nathaniel Essex. 9.8 SS. Great spec book, @ToddW.


It’s on my list but not mine. I was just pointing out CGCs grading.


See what you all made me do… inspired by my first comic book purchase ever in the thread First comic you ever brought!

I went and ended up winning an auction for a Punisher War Journal #1 CGC 9.8 Newstand. I’ll post pics when it arrives.


Well, I guess that is one thing to look out for in the wild and un-graded books. Might be a good way to take a dealers VF+ and turn it into a tidy profit. Only thing is you never know if you will hit the graders on a "good day or not.


3rd Moon Knight book. Grabbed this for $33 shipped. Which is basically the price one would pay for a press and slab. Not bad.

It shipped media mail, which is why I think no one wanted to take a chance, but I figured “what the hey…not an expensive risk.”

Shipped just fine, we’ll wrapped in a sturdy box.

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Nice pick up, @drogio. Do you think the Pence variant may of scared a few people too? I don’t know why the pences have the stigma they do, but they could be the next CPV. Beautiful book.


I can only imagine where many of these early Moon Knight books will be valued at IF Disney does a good with the character. Personally, I think they will do him justice. I’m picking up early books here and there as well. Very nice book by the way!

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Not following you. Pence variant?


My mistake, @drogio. At first glance, the black diamond in the letter box looked like the Diamond that is on Pence variants. Upon further inspection, that is not a Pence book. My bad. Nice book.


Just got this and it’s already one of my favorite slabs.

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I posted this in the newstands as well… but it’s also a CGC pickup…

Just arrived today… love it already!


I had to replace my regular cover copy as I sold it a few years ago. At some point I need to get the Turner Variant Cover as well.


Not a bad idea with rumors of a Ross/Red Hulk and the Thunderbolts heading to the MCU/D+ soon.

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That info was also part of the decision but I more than likely won’t sell it anytime soon.


To add to my Moon Knight early appearance collection (books prior to his solo series Moon Knight #1):

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I think I’ve got one of these in my ol’ shortbox stuffed with Moon Knight. I didn’t even realize it was before his solo series. I just basically buy any Moon Knight comic I see for a fair price at shows or in stores.

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Yup, released in '79. I picked up a Spectacular Spider-Man #22 as well, which is from '78. I’ll post those pics once it arrives as well.

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