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Has anyone had any success, cracking 9.6 books to be regraded by CGC. I have a bunch of high end books which look perfect however got a 9.6 and there are no grader notes.

is it worth the extra cost?

This annoys me so much. They made a big deal about moving to free graders notes, and then 90% of my books have no damn graders notes. Like tf

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I’ve seen hobbyists over the years do their own little tests by just cracking and re-submitting over and over and over. Results I’ve observed over those years is there is no reasonable data driven conclusion. Sometimes they get the 9.8; sometimes the same 9.6; and occasionally even lower.

To me this is close to flipping a coin and quite honestly I’ve gotten to the place that I think that’s what CGC does (figuratively speaking).
Not to mention pre-screens that are just sent in time and time again until they’re not rejected for the desired grade.

The whole grading thing is one big game and that’s why we hear that line that when we start playing in that grading game, we sometimes win and sometimes lose.
So essentially as perfect as you feel those books are, statistically speaking you’ll get a bunch that are the same; some that do come back 9.8 and perhaps even a few at 9.4. And you’re paying them again for their work which is exactly what they want.


I do it all the time, but even books that look perfect might be max’d out at 9.6. Find a local presser who can look at the books in person and give their opinion.


My comic book guy who i used to buy from for about 7 years did this and I had no idea. He always told me he guaranteed his books to be 9.6 or 9.8 and that they were his original collection. then one year I decided to help him out at a convention and when Someone offered him a price at a 9.4 rate he told me to sell everything as a 9.6 9.8 since he buys them 9…2-9.4 and “guarantees” his books are higher because he “has an eye” for grading. I immediately stopped buying from him because of this. Even found his ebay where he only buys, messaged one of the sellers and they confirmed they were selling him 9.0-9.6 books.


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I got my first order back from CGC, more a test run to see how the experience was. I was a CBCS customer up until they were bought by Beckett a few years ago. I dont flip books so all of these were mostly for the cover art and the PC. I was shooting for 9.6, 9.8s. no pre-screens.

so the grading was a little suspect, but overall not the worst… but not the best. No broken plastic shards or mislabels! Woohoo! Not as good as the newer CBCS case tho.

4 9.8 - thought 2 of these were 9.6
3 9.6 - thought these were more or less the same grades
2 9.4 - thought these were at least 9.6s
1 8.5 - this one is on me totally missed a stain, ah well bummer but at least the cover is cool enough to display.


What were you doing with that guardians book since 2021 that it’d get a “stain”…?


He had a weak moment when he saw Gamora :grin:

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lol guys got ya minds in the guttah!

big lebowski bowling GIF

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Small batch back from CGC yesterday


Got some books back after pressing and submitting from a while back. Very pleased with our results


Looks like CGC is doing some kind of pr work tomorrow on Instagram. Edit: Sorry it’s NEXT Tuesday. So you all have time to write some questions down.


Hey Matt - I know everything’s subjective; but why do I have to send the same book in 3 times to get the appropriate grade? How do you ensure consistency amongst your graders who clearly are on different wavelengths.


Who’s pubic hairs keep showing up in CGC slabs? That’s the only thing I wanna know… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you guys are expecting Matt Nelson to answer all your tough questions, you’re going to be severely disappointed. He did an interview on Beyond Wednesday and I had to turn it off after 20 minutes. I understand the host is in a tough position by having a guest on and don’t want to ask all the tough questions. Just don’t have him on if all you’re doing is a PR spin on a company that is a lightning rod for controversy. This was during the time of acetategate.


I had this targeted at 9.6 prior to submission; and 9.6 it is.
Then again my watch broke 9:20 p.m. yesterday and it’s showing 9:20 pm right now.
Miracles do happen twice a day. :roll_eyes:

Highest signed copy on the census to date.
Comichron has this issue as (I think) less than 1000 copies (not a variant).
Adam Hughes great cover
Have one more (presumably) lower grade coming.
I’ll be happy only when I get it AND it’s not chipped, cracked, smudged, scuffed, etc… which is rare these days. Can a miracle of no damage and an accurately graded comic occur on the same item? Holding my breath.



This is going on now if anyone wants to watch.

Got a few older books back today.