CGC pickups

Good point.
Yeaaaa… I’ve seen serious decreases in the CGC market in total as you say.

It’s not just 10%; not just 25%; not just 50%. It’s some god awful decreases if not a key

My Sabra batch came back today. These were part of a lot I bought a couple of years ago on eBay for dirt cheap. All had foxing to some degree that I needed to remove.


You think this book has any legs with movie coming?

Also nice job on the cleaning and pressing you did!

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Thanks! Turned out to be worth the effort. I personally do think it has legs or else I would have kept them raw and sold em all after the news broke. Of all the spec books I’ve loaded up on, I’ve never seen demand for a book like this before.

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Very nice books.

Given CGC gives out 9.8s like candy lately and modern TATs are practically days (vice weeks) you should send these in to cgc for grading and maximize profit.

CGC is Practically double PGX for the same grade…granted these are direct copies…if newsstands are the same markup (didn’t have any PGX sales to compare), looking at a potential increase in $800-$1000 of potential revenue in a single sale.

However If cgc came back with a 9.6 it’s a $500 book….so there’s that….:man_shrugging:

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My extra copy of the Crow #1 I had graded came back 9.4 better than my other 9.2 and that book has double price in the time it was at the graders.


Nice… I’ve been looking for a nice clean copy as well. But no luck so far. Price has gone up for sure…

Sales are way down but buying opportunities are the best I’ve seen in years. If you want to know the prices almost everything I buy off of eBay.


Unfortunately my sales are what feed my buying….but The books I’m looking for are not ones that show up often.

Surprisingly I had a slew of sales this week…not any big ticket stuff, but anything is something these days.


Some sellers are desperate so I get needing to sell, but no one should really be running auctions right now if they can avoid it.

That said, wow is now a time to buy!!! Even if prices continue to drop another 10-15%, I’d be happy getting deals at current prices if it’s something I’ve really wanted.

@ToddW not sure I’ve seen anyone take more advantage of these prices than you man lol, good stuff!


It seems last couple of months the 9.8s that are moving signed slabs… unless it’s a good price or important book the blue labels are gathering dust lately.

I can’t imagine holding a bunch of new modern slabs that came out past 2 year without the store variants ouch dead money.

Longboxes of slabs are gonna be a reminder of don’t FOMO


My latest for the JTC collection.


Got these back today from a show in September. Almost…