CGC pickups

I dropped these off at Baltimore comic con in October and got them yesterday. I’ve got 2 more getting pressed.


Slowly but steadily putting together a graded SubMariner Set. I really like this cover by Marie Severin.


Recent Submission. Dropped at Baltimore back in hand on 11/30.


Awesome books

Completing my Captain Marvel runs with missing keys.




Just need a graded 4th print to complete the set.




I laughed pretty hard at that. It is spreading throughout the house though. I don’t post a fair amount of what I actually buy.


Got a great deal at $133 for this beauty. Only about 4 others even on eBay, this book is getting very hard to find.


Gorgeous cover!

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What the book’s significance? It’s a variant but I didn’t know if there was anything else that makes it so expensive?

It’s a 1:25 variant, and first cover of ZEA Batman. This was the beginning of the storyline that brought back ZEA Batman who was once just an alternate alien Batman from another planet from the silver age, and turned him into a “backup” persona for Bruce Wayne in case his mind ever gets attacked and wiped out.


Just got these back from the McFarlane signing event. Boy am I bummed. I wanted to be “sure” of the grades, so I bought two CGC graded 9.2’s and sent them in. Obviously, I paid more than what I would have paid for raw copies, but I rarely get comics off ebay that match the raw grade by the seller. I paid to have CGC open their own slabs and get the signatures. I get back a 9.2 and a 9.0. I know they say they can’t guarantee the grade once they open a slab, but freakin’ come on. It was a CGC slab opened by CGC. They really found it necessary to lower their own grade? Jerks. It’s not like I sent in another company’s slab and they are trying to one up them.


Since these were sent in for signatures the comic does pass through a few hands before it is packed away for grading. It is possible one got handled a little on the rough side for a second or two.

Grading is subjective. They could just as easily gone up to 9.4.

I’ve even had comics pressed after being signed drop in grade.

But I do recommend a press if you’re opening a slab for signature…it’s not like these signing events are taking their time handling your expensive books with gentle hands. Quite the opposite.


Ah that’s so frustrating! Just to note, the encapsulation process can compound any existing defects.

Here’s an example. The before picture on the left was taken right after cracking it out of a slab. This was a 9.4. No way would it keep that grade if signed and graded as is. This is probably a more extreme example but pretty much every book I’ve cracked, even ones I know have been pressed, had the same thing to a degree.

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Is the damage caused by cracking it open?

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