CGC pickups


nice. im still deciding if i wanna drop $20 on black annual #1.


just go this from ebay for the PC.


Some comic-books I acquired and have gotten graded returned! I did them via Economy Fastpass and it took just about a month and a week overall from when I shipped them out to their return.

We have a Detective Comics 86 from the 1940s with a detached cover. Some people insisted that with a detached cover you can’t get more than a .5 or 1.0 from CGC. I did a lot of research and Golden Age comics can apparently score up to 4.0 with a detached cover. I got a 3.5 and am pleased. Pictures:

I helped someone sell their collection of comics a while ago and got this Stark Trek 3 with a double cover misprint as thanks. I had it pressed and cleaned by Steve (I just made a post about him today here) with the result being a 7.5 and 7.0 as for every cover on a comic you get a grade. Pictures:

A good submission result, I’d say!


nice books

Those books are pretty sweet.

Awesome books! Especially the detective! Although, I do not like how CGC has moved to dismissing the majority of flaws from the label now. Looking at your pics you would think it’s an intact copy. Good reminder to everyone to always check grader notes now no matter what…

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Yes, once you scan the QR code and see the greater notes it is evident how it is detached. I already disclosed that to someone who I may be trading it to in the future.

I’m sorry if I was unclear, I wasn’t coming at you at all. Just at CGC, I feel like things such as a detached cover are pretty big defects and should be clearly stated by the “premiere” grading company.


Oh, I was not feeling attacked at all. I just wanted to at least make it clear that the detached cover is noted so people don’t think CGC would completely overlook it. It is odd that you have to scan the QR code to find out anything though.

Got these goodies back from CGC yesterday. The Action was cracked during shipping and so it has to go back, and I’m going to beg them to put it in a regular holder. These Magazine holders are shameful…


As a big fan of the man of steel, I have to say those books are superb. Always loved that Action #61 cover, it really places the book in the context of its time.


I completely agree. The cover def. adds to it’s historic value, and the art and colors really make it a fun book to display. It won’t blend into a background. The notes are generous re: the pieces out. More like the top third of each of those pages, but even so it’s a great book to own.

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Fresh from CGC today.


Some good Superman pickups today!

Does anyone know what the highest CGC grade you can get if the comic has writing on the cover? In this case the date is written in blue pen? The book was grade 8.5 which seems high to me.


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I have 9.8s with date stamps. If it’s a date stamp in an inconspicuous location on older comics there’s not necessarily a grade hit.


I don’t think there is a hit on comics from Golden age to Bronze age if there are date stamps/writing on them, if like D-Rog said they are not covering anything important such as a face. I love date stamps on older comics! That’s just me though.

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