CGC pickups

Def! The GL battle covers are always really cool looking.

Ive developed a very complicated, detailed and effective methodology with slab purchases - i dont buy them. :wink:

Let some some other poor soul spend an exponential amount. Im counting on it

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Don’t buy new comics for a couple months and I can put the money towards something I need. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You’ll make a nice profit on that in the not so distant future and then you can buy new comics again :yum:

DC keys :arrow_double_up:

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I prefer Green Lantern #25 because it has both Larfleeze and Atrocitus in it. Rage is a close second. Green lantern #25 also has a ratio variant that even though still doesn’t have them on the cover will probably blow up if the Red Lanterns are ever brought into the live action universe.

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Dang, Alana. You only had to pay $5 for shipping!

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Staying ahead of the game, I love it!

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I upgraded my direct copy to a newsstand. Paid less than what the direct copy typically goes for.


Got back a submission yesterday that had a bunch of Omega Men 3s for a customer and 4 of my own books. He swore his last presser didn’t press them and asked me to crack and resubmit. After cracking them, I couldn’t definitively say whether they were pressed or not (nor would I say), but if they were pressed they weren’t pressed well. They did have some minor foxing which required more work than a standard press so deal was I get to keep one of the Omega Mens (got to keep a 9.8).

I have to say, all these books were graded very hard. Any book that was borderline 9.6/9.8 got the 9.6. and when I say borderline, I mean not more than one spine tick with perfect corners, or zero spine ticks and minor flaring. Stuff that hits 9.8 on most days.

The big win for me though is the last photo :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




Got this with them too :mage:


I really like this book. I have a low grade copy. The vendor I got the HOS92 from had a nice copy and a couple of copies of her 1st appearance. Should have taken a closer look at them.

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1st sabrina cover?

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Just got some news on my first ever submission to CGC (had credit that was expiring). Waiting to be shipped now.



The house always wins…

there was a point i thought CBCS may actually have a shot at being #1 lol fat chance, CGC crushed it

altho, i still like the CBCS case better.