CGC Signing Event

Technically writing in/on a book is damage. So the more a particular book is signed, the less undamaged copies exist.


For me on a book like Avengers #1 having Stan Lee’s signature on it just adds to the history. I will say this, it is all about legibility and placement. There is a possible risk with getting a book signed. The last couple of years that Lee was signing his signature at times looked awful. Sometimes he would sign over the main characters face. So, yeah, I do think it is possible a signature can take away from the book, but if placed right and if it can be read easily it can add to it. That’s just my opinion though.

I can understand getting something signed as a momento, marking a memory of meeting someone. But what boggles me is someone paying $100s for a signed book where they did not witness the signing. It’s so not personal anymore. What is the point?

Why is there even a market for this?

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Bought this off a friend. I know it’s authentic because I was with him when he got it signed.

It’s a reproduction card (not the original set…otherwise I’d be worth $2000 or so).


I couldn’t believe he was putting it in his garage sale…I snapped it up.

I bought the set, so I’m now on a mission to see what other characters still alive I can get signatures from. Now it’s a game/challenge!



I’m in the same boat. Signatures are kind of cool when you meet them, I’ve done it. When I met Rob Guillory at a convention, I bought some of his stuff and didn’t even ask him to sign them, he just offered as we were chatting so I was like… okay! I just wanted to tell him I loved his book Chew and his artwork, picked up some of his stuff on his booth to support his work.

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Jenny Frison is doing another signing at CGC next month.

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Tula Lotay doing a signing at CGC.


I am displeased to find out that CGC does not grade erotic covers :upside_down_face:

So they won’t grade her erotic covers? Didn’t know that.

“Collectibles that display extreme nudity on the front or back will not be certified. For example, if the cover image depicts explicit sexual acts, CGC will not grade it, and the item will be returned.”


Were you thinking of doing the cover to Loveless?

The topless cover that she did for Sweet Paprika. Thing is I see a 9.8 from CGC on ebay.

They’ll grade nude covers. Maybe not just really explicit ones?

I guess they have to draw a random line somewhere…

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Thats what she is know for lol stupid CGC…

I would have done Faithless #1 signed in top left. I like her 2000ad cover, but it’s magazine size I think and it’s not high grade. I’d rather just have her sign it without cgc.

I don’t have much of Lotay work, but I’ve always liked this cover.