Comic Investing/Speculating During A Recession

this was almost a 5k book just 2 years ago. sure the show and movie are bombs, but character wise khan isnt going anywhere so long term seems like a steal, even uf4 ratio is down by over half


People need to do their own homework.

It’s like turning on CNBC and buying everything Cramer tells you or going on YouTube comic influencers who are shoving crappy spec down your throat.

It is your money you have the last say where it goes.

always do the opposite of what cramer says


:moneybag: :rofl:

Notice also how doom and gloom people are lately about comics and even worse in sports/tcg cards and I dont even collect cards.

Must follow sentiment in all collectibles.

What have these two been doing? I don’t follow either but know he’s worked with other Whatnot sellers.

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Speaking of market sentiment South Park called out Disney with a great recent special called Joining The Panderverse.

Kathleen Kennedy was called out including rest of Disney management.


I think it is a great time to BUY WHAT YOU LOVE. I’ve been picking up Teen Titans and Batman keys that I’ve been wanting to avoiding for the last few years due to price. Ditto with some McFarlane covers. $20 for Batman 423?! $40 for McFarlane Incredible Hulk run (sans 340)?!

If these books end up being worth thousands later on, amazing, but for now I’m using the opportunity to bolster my collection.

The OA I’ve purchased I consider investments as they are true 1/1 items.


Agreed @BatmanFan. Anyone who’s buying books purely as investments will probably be disappointed down the road. It’s quite possible that no one cares about this stuff in 20 years.

It’s a great time to buy, just keep long-term expectations in check. At least, that’s what I’m doing. I try to sell just enough to mostly offset what I buy and keep. Not as easy as it was 2 years ago, but still possible. That way, if my collection is worth $0.00 tomorrow, I’m ok.

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I’ve been buying up books that I first disregarded but have significantly dropped in price. Sometimes it pays to be patient.


some good buys out there for those collecting or specing long term

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god I have a ton of those :smiling_face:

just sitting in boxes collecting dust…

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Let me ease your burden. I’ll gladly take them off your hands and I won’t even charge you for it.

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My burden is mine alone. I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…


I feel like I saw a bunch of my liberal friends saying it mocked conservatives who were mad at diversity and some more right-leaning friends said it made fun of performative, “Wokeness.” I’m behind on lots of shows but generally enjoy South Park and from the statements of folks it sounds like it did the usual scorched-Earth tendency of enraging everyone.

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I use Whatnot a ton less so I don’t know much of this drama involving it. I write about comics a lot so I should know more maybe.

It kinda did both. Made fun of woeness but had a moral that woke in itself isn’t bad, just pushed to far.


There are only a few back issues I don’t currently own that I’d like to, and I’m saving and watching prices slowly come down. Some aren’t necessarily expensive or I don’t mind having in mid-grade (silver or Bronze Age) so I’m just putting some on my whisk list for others to buy for me as gifts if they’re looking for ideas.

I figure now is the time to strike books that have come within striking distance. But I’m also being patient and picky. Definitely looking at the books more than the grade assigned.

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“Pushing too far” is what makes it woke.


Woke is just the modern version of “smurf”. It lacks any real meaning by intent.


In looking back over the last few years, I’m trying to assess any really bad moves I made in terms of collecting/the books I did.
I certainly bought in to some of the various FOMO variant covers at the peak of COVID but I didn’t get too crazy. I have a number of those Venom covers that hit in the #25-30 range. Just a couple though. I certainly overpaid for some of the different Marvel MCU madness books but for the most part, I was finding those in normal priced bins. So I didn’t necessarily over pay…but I likely wouldn’t have bought them otherwise so in the end I did waste the money.

The only big $$$ book I bought and likely overpaid is a mid to low grade copy of FF #49. I prolly overpaid by about 5-6 hundred dollars based on current prices. The only positive I suppose is that if I were going to lose some skin on a comic book, I think that isn’t a bad one to overpay on in terms of the long game.
Maybe shouldn’t have bought a copy of Adam/Blue Marvel but I’m also ok with having that comic book. Regardless of whether the character ever shows up, I just never, never see copies of that book for sale in nice condition. I’ll take the loss from overpaying a bit on that one too.

I’m enjoying watching prices dip. I really wish some of the various dealers/shops would understand that however and start adjusting prices/understanding the current environment. It doesn’t do buyers or sellers any good to just have key walls/boxes filled with books that simply aren’t going to sell because the prices are so out of touch/out of date, etc.