Comics Cooling Down - When to Pounce!

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There is a lot of talk on this forum about when books get hot, if a book will maybe someday get hot, the flip, etc. Not so much on the rewards of patience, not succumbing to fomo, and just plain old buying what you love for your PC.

The purpose of this thread isn’t to necessarily gloat about the good buys we’ve had, but also to let folks know what books seem to be cooling down and when so that others can add to their PCs. It also can serve as a guide to not overpay, as I learned a long time ago the secret to good business isn’t in how you sell, but how you buy.

As an example of what I’m talking about, for approx $400 accross multiple sales I was able to bring home ASM 299 & 316, Captain America 117 & 118, Marvel NOW! Point One 1, Detective Comics 400, Action Comics 9 (New 52) Newstand, and Vengeance of Bane 1. All of these books are in pretty decent condition especially the newer stuff and at one point just one or two of these books would have ran you $300-400.

Also as an example, recently FF 48 sold for $2,500 in CGC 6.5 which is a HUGE decrease in price in just a couple years. I feel like this book is a pillar that Marvel has built itself upon and is getting into serious undervalued territory.


I remain a believer in Vengeance #1-America Chavez. Book has dropped like a rock. I’ve seen a 9.8 at $400 and ebay sales well under $500 as well. Nearly one third of what it went for at one point. Great time to buy imo. I’m still a bit made at myself for not selling my extras, but out of all the varied spec books, I’m comfortable holding this one long term.

Werewolf By Night #32 (and any Moon Knight Books) have also taken a plunge and are not are the forefront of hunting currently.

Great thread btw…


I don’t mind this. Allows me to keep stocking up on my MK books. When he comes back on the small or big screen value may go back up too.


Great topic—this will be useful for many of us!

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I have this feeling the Young Avengers might warm up again as we’ve met so many characters that could be a part of a Young Avengers team in the MCU. I got a first issue of the first volume for a great price from a seller that turned out to be @Alana, of all people. We realized this when she saw my name and address. I dunno why she’s selling, but I’m buying! Thanks again to her.


Id agree with this one. Its really come down and most of these characters will be showing up for years.

I have 9 copies 3 graded, I bought that one to sell from one of my online shops I regularly use.


I knew you had a clever plan :slight_smile:

For those of you interested: Darth Maul 2 (first Cad Bane) can now be had for less than $40 (usually around $25-30) regularly with CGC 9.6 less than $100 and 9.8 right around $100.


I think Star Wars in general is cooling down right now. Boom time is over for Star Wars.


For now it is over. It has a tendency to heat and cool for sure!

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the end credit scene for the marvels will make young avenger holders very happy

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Would be a great time to buy anything related to “Wraith”.
Always thought he was cool.
Cates & Marvel did him dirty.


Is it Donny Cates’ Wraith or former police captain Yuri Watanabe Wraith?

EDIT: And I completely agree that Cates’ ‘ending’ for Wraith completely and totally sucked! I bought in at the height :upside_down_face: so I’m biased that hopefully he’ll be resurrected in the Marvel universe at some point. He’s a cool character IMO


I always pictured a solo, or at least a mini-series, centered on Wraith that had a Fist Full of Dollars…Western in Space vibe…

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He was such a good character. Wish they would use him more.

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Good call, guys. Cates really did Wraith and The Sentry dirty. It was very disappointing.

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