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Hello CHU Community!

I am proud to introduce Dark Dominion Comics–a new virtual local comic book shop.

We are a new business located in the Old Dominion–Virginia!
And are launching on November 2, 2021 at darkdominioncomics.com

Who are we?
We specialize in Prerelease Presales, Comics, Manga, and all sorts of awesomeness. At Dark Dominion Comics we’re trying to offer affordability, personal service, and excitement to the hobby. Whether you’re an avid reader, a hardcore speculator, or someone more casual, we have something that is bound to excite!

What we offer
We want to make sure comics stay affordable. So we offer heavy discounts on ALL presales and discounts on ALL new releases. Furthermore, every comic is bagged, boarded, and shipped securely to you. We have bundle deals on comic presales (at heavier discounts than singles). We have runs/collections, slabs, and new and awesome stuff added each week. Speaking of awesome stuff…

Mystery Bundles that are AWESOME!
One of the things we are VERY proud of is our limited run line of “Keys to your Door” mystery bundles–with every bundle including 6 hand-picked comics commensurate to its price. Given we at Dark Dominion Comics aim to delight, we are soooo stoked to see how they’re received (as we’ve put a bunch of thought and effort into these bundles). And as a final surprise, the last bundle sold will include a special chase comic (oh snap!).

We want to make getting comics in the mail feel like Christmas again!

Again, we’re a new store. So we’re still adding in-stock inventory as they come in. And working to get more indie titles as well.

Anyway, we’re so excited to launch tomorrow and we hope you check us out!


Good stuff. Looking forward to hearing more about you guys.

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As an example of the types of bundles we will offer, this Batman 118 3-Cover Bundle will be available starting tomorrow and running until FOC (11/7/2021).

Our 5-Cover She-Hulk Bundle will run from tomorrow to 12/06/2021 FOC:

With regard to our “Keys to your Door” Mystery Bundles, they come in three flavors:
Level1, Level2, and Level3

www.DarkDominionComics.com is live!

Just put an order in!

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Oh, man, the competition seeing how well the other stacks up against themselves… muhahahahahaah!


Its the only way to improve :wink:

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They “Keys To Your Door” initiative - is that brand new release books or does it include older books also.?

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Thanks for asking Bill. The books I have lined up for this run of Keys to your Door are almost exclusively modern (though I do have 1 “new release” title dog-eared for the bundles).

I will say, if I happen upon a cherry Silver Age or such that would be right for one of the Levels I’d slip it in (as long as it’s 9.2+).

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And I appreciate your patronage! I’ll have it packaged up and shipped out shortly.

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Whew these sold out quick…
BUT I just wanted to let folks know I have a small allocation of Black Widow 12 back in stock.
The rest that came in are earmarked for some Keys to Your Door Bundles.

earmarked, I think you mean. Dog-eared not a great word in relation to comics… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LOL yes earmarked
Thank you for the correction and the chuckle :joy:

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Firstly CHU Family, I want to extend my most sincere gratitude to you all.
It has been a lifelong dream of mine to own and operate a friendly little comic book store. And I want to thank each and every one of you who have supported us with a purchase, a helpful suggestion, or even just a kind and encouraging word. It’s decent folk like all of you who make the CHU community in particular, and the comic community in general, such a joy to call my own.

But the real reason I wanted to chat was to make some announcements:

We FINALLY have a Diamond account (thank you ransomware fiasco for the immense holdup!) and now offer a wider range of INDIE comics (Image, Boom!, IDW, Dark Horse, etc…). This is now reflected in this week’s FOC section.

Speaking of FOC, we are also now offering The FOC B.A.B.Y (Build a Bundle Yourself).

The FOC B.A.B.Y is a simple and elegant way to choose exactly which FOC comics you want at a savings. Starting with our baseline 15% off cover price discount, each additional comic selected for your bundle will unlock a new savings tier until you reach a total of 30% off cover price!



But not to be left out, New Comic Book Day (NCBD) has a B.A.B.Y of its own.
The NCBD B.A.B.Y allows you to start with our baseline 5% off cover price discount and reach a total of 25% off cover price!
What’s neat about the NCBD B.A.B.Y is that when you make a B.A.B.Y, you’ll have access to Treasure Chests with cool stuff THAT IS DISCOUNTED BY YOUR SAVINGS TIER!!!

And every week, new and cool stuff will be added to B.A.B.Y chests.



Lastly, we still have Keys To Your Door Mystery Bundles. I understand any hesitancy (I mean, mystery bundles are just for getting rid of stuff you can’t sell right!!!). And I’ve been pretty coy with what’s in them because I do not want to ruin the surprises.

But I promise you, these Keys To Your Door Mystery Bundles are the REAL DEAL. They are worth it and THEN SOME. Remember, Dark Dominion Comics is in the business of EXCITING and DELIGHTING. I challenge you to give one a chance and PLEASE tag us on instagram (@ darkdominioncomics) with your KTYD Mystery Haul.

Oh, and one more thing….
For the month of December, for every Keys To Your Door Mystery Bundle sold CHU is getting 5%! WHY? Because running a site costs money (right @agentpoyo?)… And quite literally, if not for CHU, this comic store would not be a reality. So… my sincerest thanks CHU.

Level1_MaxRes_457x355 Level1
Level2_MaxRes_457x355 Level2
Level3_MaxRes_457x355.v3 Level3

Give us a chance and give us time to grow into something that will benefit both CHU and the Comic Community—you won’t be disappointed. Oh man, we have some WILD and EXCITING plans for the future.


This is awesome. Thanks so much @DarkDominionComics. And honestly, I should be thanking you instead. We have a great community here, that’s what makes CHU special to me. :beers:

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I like the tiered discounts, think that’s a really cool idea. Good luck!

Could you break down the tier criteria and discounts?

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The FOC B.A.B.Y Bundle’s Tiers have been adjusted so that the Savings are reached sooner.

Start off with 15% off cover price
Add 3 to unlock the 6% off Bundle Tier (Total 20% off CVR Price)
Add 6 to unlock the 12% off Bundle Tier (Total 25% off CVR Price)
Add 9 to unlock the 18% off Bundle Tier (Total 30% off CVR Price)

The FOC BABY Bundle now includes a Treasure Chest that contains that week’s FOC RATIOS.

FOC B.A.B.Y Bundle (Now with FOC Ratios)

All FOC ratio bundles are 10% off cover price AND subject to your FOC B.A.B.Y Discount Tier.
All ratio bundles come FULLY BAGGED & BOARDED.
[1:10] bundle contains 10 copies of Cover A + 1 copy of the [1:10] ratio incentive
[1:25] bundle contains 25 copies of Cover A + 1 copy of the [1:25] ratio incentive
[1:50] bundle contains 50 copies of Cover A + 1 copy each of the [1:25] & [1:50] ratio incentives
[1:100] bundle contains 100 copies of Cover A + 1 copy each of the [1:25] & [1:50] & [1:100] ratio incentives
*If a [1:10] incentive variant exists for any [1:25] [1:50] or [1:100] bundle, you’ll get that too.

The NCBD B.A.B.Y Bundle’s Tiers have also been adjusted so that the Savings are reached sooner.

Start off with 5% off cover price
Add 3 to unlock the 6% off Bundle Tier (Total 10% off CVR Price)
Add 6 to unlock the 12% off Bundle Tier (Total 16% off CVR Price)
Add 9 to unlock the 18% off Bundle Tier (Total 22% off CVR Price)
Add 12 to unlock the 21% off Bundle Tier (Total 25% off CVR Price)

NCBD B.A.B.Y Bundle (Now with adjusted Tiers)

Hello All,
Weekly reminder that this week’s NCBD B.A.B.Y is live.

And the NCBD B.A.B.Y has been updated with some new loot in the treasure chests.

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