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I’m with you….do I just start clicking on random comics?

Looks fun, though.


I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! For those of you still searching for those DDC Cover Turkeys, don’t lose heart–they’re there and just as stupid as described :joy:

  • There are a pair of comics up for FOC this week which homage classic NES covers: which did it better?? Contra is cool, but that Castlevania though.

  • Another pair going head-to-head are the covers for Poison Ivy 8. It’s Frison VS. Dekal. Both doing what they do best and serving us such solid covers I have to ask, which did it better 'cuz I can’t say for sure.

  • Boom gives us a one-shot from the Slaughterverse. This is totally a reader-pick for me.
  • Speaking of reads, Once Upon a Tme at the End of the World #1 2nd print is up for FOC. I am highlighting this simply because I thoroughly enjoyed Aaron’s initial issue.
  • Carnage is up for FOC again. The solicit speaks of Carnage needing a weapon of his own. I’m wondering if this is going to be more Knull-swordery or if Carnage is making something more unique.

The next covers are just cool.

  • Quesada does a solid rendition of Batman for #131
  • Rahzzah is just amazing and I think he and Star Wars are like peanut butter and jelly
  • WTF is this Hughes cover?!!! It’s so gnarly I can’t tell if it’s awesome or ugly
  • Mercado does a killer (and timely) Black Panther cover
  • Lastly, I’m liking Junkyard Joe and the Beetle Bailey vibes

  • Lastly, there are a metric crap ton of homage/facsimiles on FOC this week; here are my highlights

Have a great rest of your holiday weekend CHU!!!


I forgot to post our Cyber Monday Doorbuster bundle earlier. In any case, happy Cyber Monday!

And remember our 50% off sales event continues today as well!



Since inventory on one of our “Turkey” comics has been depleted, I’ll post its cover:



Just received my last order which I added the Marvel OMAKASE. Nice selection and great value for $5! Impressed! Very well packed too!

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Hi Rob,
I’m glad your order arrived safe and sound! And I’m glad you enjoyed the selection!!! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

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I did Ivan, thank you very much and same to you and yours!

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