Dark Knights Death Metal 3 Frankie's Update

Wow… Frankie’s just keeps taking hits. Didnt he know that week he missed the orders. Why tell everyone now?

He waited this long to post that…?


So, he sold stuff he didn’t even have ordered. Then, he attaches personal issues to make you feel otherwise about the situation. Sucks for the people who ordered from them.


Hey i sold one today thanks frankies

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I feel for the health issues but I’m confused myself on the long long delay to tell people about missing orders and now not being able to fulfill orders? :thinking:

Also, if you’re gonna run a business (that serves consumers), don’t make yourself the bottleneck. Better have a backup person (when shit happens) if you’re the lone employee…

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Nice of him to give away the 60 for free though

Yeah, better than nothing.

Yeah but only for those who are getting their free copies. I’m sure there’s a whole lot more that just got screwed… :wink:

It sounds like everyone that ordered from them will get a free copy.

Oh, I thought it was only the first 60 or so… maybe I read it wrong.

It says anyone who ordered will get a free copy. So I’m assuming he took 60 or less orders.


What if you ordered a 9.8 graded? Not me but curious as they sell them. That is gonna be a big refund.

Someone asked that. He said he’s going to see if any are 9.8 candidates.

Absurd & no excuse. Book came out over a month ago. Sitting on people’s cash.
Had no issues continuing on with other communication & taking orders, etc. Of course you weren’t getting more…the book was hot & hard to get from the beginning.
I’m as forgiving as they come, but this is just plain bad business.


I really like Frankie’s and Kevin seems like a nice guy, but I think he’s in over his head and struggling. He needs more help, and not just temp help.

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I think Frankie’s is a sponsor because Sinpleman Comics has ads for them on his site.

What’s funny about giving a channel sponsor books to advertise your shop?

That’s not the Federicci variant. That’s the Momoko which was a store exclusive with Frankies.

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Ur right bad posting thought it was the book they shorted people on.

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