DC Comics Implosion, Shakeups, & Firings

How dare you make our 2nd prints color swaps, Marvel is wiping the floor with us you’re all fired!


Someone high up at DC/Warner must have a ton of Disney stock under an assumed name…“imploding” the brand and making mostly sub par movies will make for an easy sale to Disney and the stocks will soar!

That Stargirl finale is a pretty amazing piece of comic book media better than some movies.

They have a few winners


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Dammit, seriously? I take a day off the Internet to have hernia surgery and this happens?

Its just the anesthesia…this is all a dream.

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It gets worse now a ton titles just cancelled and rumors DC is done printing comics. Looks like I’ll be picking up DC whole comic book operation for less than Knull’s first appearance.

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Their WB video games division is already rumored to be in talks for sale to Microsoft…

Which is funny because Disney probably won’t allow new Marvel games on Xbox if Microsoft owns DC video games exclusively and the DC vs Marvel battle will rage on with Xbox series X and PS5. EA is also trying to get the WB game division.

I’m not buying that… I doubt they’re gonna stop printing comics. Cancel poor selling ones yes, cancel them all… meh…

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They should rebrand as Batman Comics and offer 5 Bat titles since those are their big sellers.

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Bye bye AT&T…Discovery owning DC ??


Its more like bye bye Discovery. Discovery would be merged with WarnerMedia which is owned by AT&T

As long as it doesn’t stop Discovery+ from supplying me with trashy reality television it’s all good. Love my 90 Day Fiancé shows.


I’m sure some realignment is necessary to focus their revenue streams, but I hope they don’t go away altogether. I don’t read many of their comics but I really like alot of their artwork / covers.

90 Day Fiance is my guilty pleasure. :+1:

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It’ll be all owned by Disney eventually…taking over the world one property at a time.


They’ll have to buy out the governments though first… Shelby Forthright will be the CEO and President of the United States of the World!