DC Comics Sold in Corporate Merger

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I’m far from a wall street / financial expert but from what I can gather ATT & Discovery have merged. In the merger it appears that a new company is forming that seems to focus solely on entertainment and combines Discovery’s portfolio along with WB’s. DC Comics and some parts of WB Games are going to be under the leadership of Discovery’s current CEO who will head this new company.

Overall this gives me hope that with DC Comics in the hands of an entertainment company rather than a telecom giant, they will put out some quality movies and shows.

As for comics, well I am enjoying Infinite Frontier a lot so hopefully the upward trend continues. I feel that DC has better creative talent but lacks the cohesive universe that Marvel has going for them.


So, it’s all in the hands of David Zaslav now. I dunno him, but I like shark week.
Word is that T gonna slash there dividend in half now. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

If this even goes through it won’t have any real impact until next year. It’s going to take a while for the deal to pass all the government checks and audits and such. So I’ll keep an eye on it but it’s a bit early to react one way or another right now imo.

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How dare you don’t react right away. This is the internet, sir, we jump to conclusions here!


My wife worked for AT&T for many years. They are all about making money. Period.
I can’t imagine they would give up the comic book properties that would make their streaming service a ton of dough.
There’s got to be much more to this story…

It’s a merger not an outright sale so I’m sure AT&T will still benefit.

Superman and Batman are arguably as big or bigger properties than Star Wars and Marvel. No way AT&T cuts ties completely.


Just siting the news that I have.

The way I read it is AT&T dumped WarnerMedia and WarnerMedia is merging with Discovery. To me, that sounds like AT&T is out of the picture.

Oh yeah, @BatmanFan, I wasn’t judging you for sharing it. I think it is indeed interesting news. I was just teasing @Brendon for him saying he wouldn’t panic or anything. This is the internet where the slightest bit of news is supposed to send fandoms into a tizzy, was my joke. I think it is a good story worth sharing.

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I think it can be read both ways. On one hand ATT/WB are merging with Discovery, and then creating a subsidiary… but on the other hand it sounds like WB/Discovery are going to be its own thing and ATT is out of it.

its absolutely a sale, for like 41bn. ATT has NO power in the decisions of the new company. 71% of the new company will be ATT shareholders , which is NOT ATT - ie you and me can be shareholders.

Discovery and WarnerMedia merge, creating one of the largest U.S. media companies (nbcnews.com)

This article makes it nice and clear.

Let’s not kid ourselves, DC comics and movies are not bringing in that much dough… :wink:

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Not sure what a Discovery CEO knows about running a superhero franchise but I guess he can’t do any worse than they have, lol. Maybe we will have Batman vs Nature crossovers.

Hmm, not sure about that. There are tons of SW and Marvel fans out there as well. And that’s 2 franchises vs 1.

Don’t really have to have direct experience I think… overall experience in directing the company in the right direction in what the fans want is what their main objective would be. I work at a security company, doubt the CEO knows all the details of actual security on a technical and expertise level, his job is to guide the company to profit to make share holders happy. :wink:

Yeah, I’m pretty sure Star Wars pulls in way more revenue than Superman and Batman combined. Superman is big and everyone knows the character due to him being around since forever but on terms of money making, I’m sure there are plenty of others that pull in way more money than Sup’s pulls in nowadays.