DC Comics Sold in Corporate Merger

Not sure how accurate this is but probably + or - some figures… Pokemon rules them all in terms of revenue… and surprising, Hello Kitty is the next biggest money maker… hellokittyheatingup.net here we come! :wink:

Judging from that list of revenue giants, Batman and Superman aren’t even close to Star Wars and Marvel.

MCU and Star Wars are combined around 104 Billion while Batman and Superman combined are roughly 37.07 Billion. This also isn’t counting in Spider-Man who alone does 27.9 billion, edging out Batman in terms of sales and then a lot of the other individual Marvel characters in the list.

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Well the reason why Disney is so successful is that they have great people heading each franchise that were picked from the original company they acquired. So far DC movies have lagged really badly compared to Marvel movies. Hopefully, they get someone good in charge of DC.

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All it takes is good leadership who hires the right people underneath them to lead those teams to success.

I think Batman movies have made more money recently though.

Look at the list, Batman combined are listed at 27.7 billion. This list is including box office revenue.

I meant vs Superman and other DC movies.

Oh, for sure. Batman is their biggest money maker.

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Never said I was perfect, lol. I just had to assume with all the merchandise and what not that Batman was among the top sellers in the comic book world.

In terms of it “sale / not a sale” I guess I was confused by the whole thing about “71% of the company will be owned by ATT shareholders” How can someone who owns ATT also own this new company but ATT not own it?

I think shareholders get stock in the new company and some of the ATT stock gets purged. Of course, we don’t know the full details.

A little clarity from the NYT…

Exactly this. Disney trusts their creators to create. WB executives get involved way to much creating an inferior product. Let the creators create.


This is what I am hoping for from a purely entertainment company.

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ATT would be the majority shareholder of the new company still according to the reports.

I think everyone is a little confused about that part, apparently more details will follow on the merger/split. No details yet on the specifics, like name after the merger etc.

Whoa this is gonna be crazy! New shows being talked about are American Detective Comics with Batman and Lt. John Kenda, My Catwoman From Hell, a new Man vs Wild series with Bear Grylls vs Swamp Thing, Property Siblings with the Wonder Twins and many more to be announced!


Is this a bad or good thing?Can someone chime me in?

I think it has the potential to be good. ATT has not done a great job managing Warner, and has probably been instigating cost down measures given its high level of debt. ATT is also a telecomms company, rather than an enterntainment-driven organisation.

So maybe a shift to a pure entertainment owner for DC will be good. However, never underestimate the power of corporations to mess things up! Let’s hope they see comics as a vital component of DC IP marketing, fuelling interest in movies, streaming, etc.

We don’t really know yet because we don’t know what the new streaming network is going to look like. ATT just brought out HBO Max streaming service in 2020 and now they got rid of the entire catalog and merged it with Discovery Networks which just brought out the Discovery Plus streaming service in January 2021 so they have a lot of stuff to work out still. Nothing is really going to change with DC comics publications but now I would put every movie or TV show from DC that was announced for HBO Max into question

Wonder if they start pulling a Disney and Netflix by starting to yank their characters from CW to include in their own streaming service…

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They should have done that from the start if they were serious on streaming instead of screening their movies with no theatre window on HBO max.