DC Future State Spec

I read that The first appearance of the new Wonder Woman might be in WW Annual 4, if you search for any copies, there are none on eBay, midtown, etc. Release date was aug 18.

Most of the other rebooted characters are already established, except for possibly the new Batman.

Anyone hear anything else on possible 1st appearances!

Yes… it’s a little deeper now in the forum topics but was being discussed here: New Wonder Woman Spec

There’s no 1st appearance of the named new character in WW Annual 4

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I think the new flash character with the prosthetic legs is brand new and will have a 1st app.

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I had my LCS order me 4 copies of Annual 4 directly from the distributor. They were in stock on Friday. Hit your lcs up to see if they can order copies for you.

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As of right now Lunar has them listed as “Backorder - May fill from Damage/Shortage Reserve”. If you have an east coast LCS though, they might have better luck with UCS.

Yes. The only thing I see is a pair of girls playing on a beach in Brazil (the setting for the story mention at the start), one of whom had dark skin. No sign connecting her to the new WW.

people buying ww annual cause on the girls playing on a beach are the same dumb shits who bought that superman cover with him carrying small black girl during naomi hype. just throwing money down the toliet


No. People are buying it because Steve Orlando said he introduced the character in it.

No, he alluded to a Third Amazon Tribe in it. Unless, there is a flashback to that little girl on the beach in a origin story I dont see spec value in it. Just like a little black girl in Superman’s arms. :man_shrugging:


Peoples feelings about if it is a first appearance or not aside. All the current copies on eBay are $30 plus for a book you may find in store for cover. Like the book or hate the book, it’s a book that you can sell for money. If you are a flipper (I am) I am grabbing and selling copies

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All I see is 1 copy that sold for $24.99 and all other sold copies were cover or less. There is always someone who has FOMO that is willing to throw money at something as silly as this, but IMO there wont be many more copies that sell for $25+. Heck, l thought I read copies can still be ordered from Diamond ? I feel if I found 10 copies for cover , I will have 10 copies in a long box because by the time I get them they will be dead on arrival. IF that beach was filled with Amazons, in gear training, I could see the spec drawing out. :man_shrugging: I hope if you are able to find dozens in the wild you can get $25+. There wont be any competition from me trying to sell any. Excelsior! :+1:


I have no desire to try and make money on a comic people were misinformed about by places like Key Collector. I don’t care if others want to make money on it but I just feel it is dishonest and won’t do it myself. There is no spec in this book so I won’t sell it to people as if there were.


Not from Diamond. Diamond didn’t carry them UCS and Lunar, and at least Lunar is sold out now.

Yes a copy has sold doe $24.99. There will always be people reluctant to speculation. Speculation is still speculation. I go back to the first appearance of Kamala Khan, the un-named girl in Captain Marvel (people like to compare it to the Superman issue that was debunked by the creator, where as this one has strong hints from the creator). Simple thing to do is tweet Steve Orlando. Will give it a try and let you know what he says.

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Free issue online now


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I picked up the LCSD Future State preview. At worst, it’s a 1-per-store book, and if Brazilian WW or New Batman are hits, so much the better.