New Wonder Woman Spec

Credit for this one goes to Larry at Larry’s Comics

According to DC Universe Twitter, a new Brazilian Wonder Woman named Yara Flor is coming to DC comics. Steve Orlando tweeted, “There is a reason we introduced a tribe of Brazilian Amazon’s in Wonder Woman Annual 4

Aaahhh that’s my guy Larry’s comics. I fucc with him hes a funny guy. Great insight to shop owner info. I enjoy when hes on Thinking Critical on YouTube.

isnt the new wonder woman nubia from Wonder Woman #204

Larry blocked me on Twitter years ago when I called him out about some racially insensitive tweets.


Google his shop and read his reviews.

Wouldn’t it be Wonder Women now?, just saying

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He’s (Larry) has always been great to me. I don’t necessarily know him in person, but in terms of comics…outstanding deals, great books/packaging, etc. He’s been in the comics world a long time.

I saw when he provided this tip earlier today. Bought a few for cheap.

Can anybody point her out in the Annual? I can’t seem to find her.

Damn really? Smh as a black man it truly sucks when I find this stuff out. As of the past year I haven’t seen anything but that hurts to know he is like that.

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He said they were jokes (I think they were about Miles Morales being the new Ultimate Universe Spider-Man, but it was a long time ago). I found them in bad taste though, so we argued and I got blocked. I can’t really say anything beyond that about him positive or negative.

It was no joke when he threatened to curb stomp me.

She is not in the annual. The only thing this book does is suggest that there is a Third Tribe of Amazons.


Sorry if I took us off track, by the way. I know that has little to do the spec of this new character.

Yeah, I’m no longer tolerant to the old “racist” jokes myself we older people grew up with. I leave the jokes/joking to professional comedians…

There will never be any “hate” on these forums, zero tolerance. Joking or not, automatic ban for life if anyone wants to say racist things here at CHU.

Everyone is treated equally here and will always be equal.

Alright, back on topic…


In @agentpoyo’s eyes, we are all equally terrible for not freeing him from that basement.

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Yes, please do help me… someone… PLEASE!!!

Ssshhh… I think I hear @Anthony coming downstairs now…

Back on topic. Yara has not yet been introduced in DC comics. WW Annual #4 (2020) simply floats the idea that there is a Third Tribe of Amazons.


You should see when Anthony ties up Poyo and makes him Poynoiccho. Make sure you bring lots of coins to throw at him.

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