Death Metal Guide book spoilers You Need To See This

The highlights and new characters


So 1st Bat Mage, 1st Darkfather & 1st League of Batmen?

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Some of them are in Legends and the first Metal series I think but a few are new ones for sure. The guy with the book is a new player too so that’s what I’m looking at with this book.

Like 6 panels with the guy with the book it looks like full appearance.

You can get the 1:25 at the moment below $30 it might be a wise buy

Was he named? If not, Justice League 53 might have his 1st full.

6 panels and first is first regardless of anything else like being named.

He says he has freed Perpetua so that Justice League annual is scorching now.

See the new evil Red Batman Beyond🙊

The guy with the book is Lex Luthor. DM #3 last page.

Yep I guess he’s suppose to be Savior Luthor.

Being named or not has nothing to do with an appearance. Names are verbal. Appearances are visual.

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What do you call a Hawkman Batman ? Hawkmanbat Hawkbatman, manbathawk?

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I don’t see any firsts except for maybe Firefly Batman? Everyone else has been seen in Death Metal at some point.

Darkseid Batman is new.

Got 2 on deck. Wasnt sure what the book was gonna offer

He was in Death Metal 3

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Yeah this is an A cover.

I read the whole book it’s pretty decent this only spoils one of the 4 stories contained in the book, It’s long like 50 pages. The guy who I called the Batman who Maths is a vampire.

The other 3 stories involve Harley and her new found Hyena, Poison Ivy and the Queen of Hell , and the Joker Dragons.