Do you even game bro?

But will we get to ice skate uphill?

This sucks, Max Payne was one of my favorite game series and highly recommend anyone play it, RIP.


God damn the studio behind the spider-man games and upcoming wolverine game (Insomniac games) got hacked and a shit ton of stuff got leaked, info is in spoilers

Characters include Jean Grey, Mr Sinister, Mystique, Lady Deathstrike,Omega Red, Callisto, Sasquatch, Tyger Tiger. Also a standalone venom game is being developed and will be released before wolverine. Wolverine and Jean will be playable in the wolverine game

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Geeze, will I even be alive in 2030?

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I was thinking the same thing.

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Hackers could make banks forgive all our loans or expose poliitcans for doing illegal stuff, but no, they pick on a game studio. Stupid.


damn apparently they were gonna have a multiplayer online spider verse game but may or may not be cancelled

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Finally finished Spider-Man 2, and it only took me 2-1/2 months! Great game and I am hoping for some DLC with all the threads they left hanging, because the game is begging for it! 9.8 as it isn’t perfect, but damn close!

Any of yall try out Palworld? I got a free copy and been playing it for a bit, surprised it blew up so much

I’ve been meaning to try it. Is it fun?

It feels more like ark or valheim then pokemon, more of an emphasis on crafting and resources. combat feels pretty bad but the game seems to resonate with a lot of people