Doctor Aphra just appeared in The Mandalorian (Spec)

Obviously possible spoilers ahead.

At the end of Chapter 12 (S02E04) we see the droid talking to a “Comms Officer” about placing a tracking device on the Razor Crest. My GUESS, and I highly doubt I am the only one to think this, is that was Doctor Aphra. The “Comms Officer”, as IMDB has it, is played by Katy M. O’Brian and she has a talking part. While sure, it could just be an extra in the show, they usually do not give extras talking parts. Plus, she kinda looks like her a little bit. Example:


Don’t bother looking on eBay, all the cheap copies are gone. Replaced with higher priced ones now. It’s probably a lower printed book because it was late in the series and Volume 1 wasn’t particularly popular.

Another heads up, the next episode is titled “The Jedi” and directed by Dave Filoni who helped create Ahsoka Tano so…


What’s significant about doctor aphra 35?

I think they’re just pointing out comparing that cover to the show…

But yeah, seems like Aphra’s first appearance (Darth Vader #3) is on the rise again… during the summer I sold this for around the $60 range raw… now they’re going for much more.

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Ah got it. Yeah I sold my first print several months ago but got ahead of this recent curve last week and got a raw 2nd print 9.8 candidate and a cgc 9.6 4th print. Just waiting for some big news…

I’m ready. Got a few regular DV3 and two of the 1:25 variants. I got a CGC 9.8 DV3 as well… I’m keeping for the PC unless it becomes a $800+ book, then I’ll let it go… since I only paid around $95 I think for it.

I can not look at Doctor Aphra #35 as good spec. I get that the market does strange things sometimes but all this amounts to is Doctor Aphra in different cloths. “If” the Mandalorian did indeed show her than that would be great for her first appearance. If this book does start getting multiples above cover I really don’t think it would last that long. Of course I’ve been wrong before but the big spec is Darth Vader #3 and maybe some earlier lower printed ratio variants IMO. If you happen to have Doctor Aphra #35 sell it now.


I wonder if someone in this thread just purchased all the cheaper 9.8s in ebay. Nice!

That was only used as a comparison to the character that appeared in the show. If you reread it you’ll see.

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I read about this yesterday at CBSI. It is interesting. The writer remembered this cover after he watched the show. It is a throw in the dart spec to me. I did find the comic at cover price at Toywiz.

Marvel Star Wars: Doctor Aphra, Vol. 1 #35A Comic Book

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I get it. I understand what bumper is writing about. Just giving my opinion from a spec point of view

There is a very good chance by the time people receive their copies of DA #35 in the mail it will have cooled off. That’s why for those who have it in hand, now it is the time to sell. That’s what I would do if I had an extra one or two laying around. Unless found at a local shop for cover I wouldn’t go heavy on this issue.


Yeah, I saw that on CBSI as well.

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I did get 2 copies. Mainly because I am a Star Wars fan and you never know how things turn out with why some collectors like or want something.

Grabbed the last copy at Westfield. Will likely keep it if I can’t find another. Kinda cool if it turns out to be her. I thought the same thing while watching it…scene seemed a bit strange and figured the character would be back again for more dialogue…

Did someone say Aphra??? Im ready.



They paused on that character in the show for a second or two too long. I immediately thought, “oh, that’s gonna be somebody.” Didn’t think Aphra, but it makes a bunch of sense now.

Any thoughts on the idea that Darth Vader 2 might also warm up, as it apparently has a preview of Aphra in it? I don’t have the issue, so if that’s bogus, please throw tomatoes at me.

@loverjw… I just checked my Vader #2 (vol.1). There is a last page ad that promotes issue #3 in the series, which has the cover to issue #3 in it. Aphra, and the death droids, are on that cover to issue #3. There is a small subsect of collectors who like true first ad appearances. Im not one of them, and I wouldn’t invest in most of them, including Vader #2 (vol.1).

Two things see, to drive value in first appearance previews and advertisements.

The first is that a book or character becomes so popular that the first appearance goes for crazy money, like hits $1000 in 9.8 it seems. Think UF4.

The second is that the character 1st appearance was so heavily promoted and printed the first story appearance is worthless even though the character is popular. Think Spawn #1.

Don’t see either of these at play here. But it’s a. Interesting tidbit and maybe worth a flyer.

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I could see Disney trying to make Aphra popular. Would I bet substantial amounts of money on it? No, but I do think her first appearance will at least retain if not grow in value pretty safely.

Here you go…copies. I can’t speak for any of these shops. Although Poyo hates Austin Comics.

Austin Comics


Comic Book Surplus

I think Disney will be/is all in with Chelli Aphra. She is a great character, and she is already popular. She is one of the few, if not the only, SW character to have a strong fanbase that was derived solely from the pages of the comic books.
And if Disney is still into the SWJ representation, then Aphra checks a few of those boxes, jus’ sayin’. And she’s an awesome character (Did I already say that?). :beers: