Donny Cates going bonkers

If I’m not mistaken, Carnage claims he killed Codex or something. But we don’t actually see it. I think Stegman wrote the issue in question. I dunno, maybe Codex will be back–design looked cool as hell.

Coming Fall 2025/2026/2027/someday, “Codex: Rebirth.”

Dylan will be Codex one day in the 616

So, first appearance was Venom #7 :wink:

followed by edge of the codex-verse

No more than Iron Man #118 is 1st War Machine. :man_shrugging:

Hmmmm… But Codex has powers that makes him Codex. Anyone can put on the War Machine armor and call themselves War Machine.


Didnt bother buying it but read a copy today, thought it was overall very meh and uninspired. Won’t be reading more

MORE NEWS! Hulk 11, written by me, drawn by me, inked by me. This issue is GODBALL! 🏀 💥

— RYAN OTTLEY (@RyanOttley) September 21, 2022

So I saw this Tweet from Ryan Ottley last night saying he was writing and drawing Hulk #11 (which has me excited). However, I remember seeing more to the tweet saying that he’s happy he’s got writing duties on Hulk for a little bit before his final issue #14 on the title. Today, however, I don’t see any reference to this (unless I’ve overlooked it or missed it in another tweet).
In any case, this had my spidey senses tingling. I wonder why Cates is stepping back from writing duties (at least for one issue).


I read Vanish yesterday. The art/colors were fantastic. I wish all comics had this level of paper stock, too. Really nice heavier stuff. I had low expectations for the story, to be honest. And, there’s way too much going on in this first issue. This would benefit from a little “less is more.” But, with the twist at the end, I was intrigued. So, I think I’ll grab issue 2 and see where this goes.

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I liked, “Vanish.” It felt like a bunch of different ideas slammed together that somehow kind of work for now. I don’t know if it will all fall apart but as of now I’m interested!

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