DrunkWooky Quick Comic Reviews: DC Future State

Against my better judgment, I’ll be writing quick reviews and responses to the DC Future State line as it comes out. Pray for me.


:pleading_face: Sending Prayers… :pray: :pray:

I read the harley issue. Utter trainereck with very odd art

I haven’t made it through that yet. I opened the issue digitally while in bed last night and the hyper-neon background coloring made me fear I was damaging my eyes. I turned off my tablet and attempted to sleep through my anger at DC.


I haven’t read any of it YET but I hear that Death Metal 7 brings clarity to the “why” of Future State. The owner of my LCS is more of a Marvel guy, so if he says he enjoys it I will trust him.

Only titles I signed up for were both wonder woman’s, Batman, dark detective, and swamp thing.

So far I thought Next Batman was mediocre but FS Wonder Woman was great.

Death Metal brings clarity! Oh my! :rofl:

Thanks. I needed that laugh today.

Next Batman and Swamp Thing are pretty good. Arkham Knights inside Next Batman is really heavy, pretentious crap.

Wonder Woman is beautifully illustrated. Just a weird turn halfway through.

Avoid Flash like the plague.

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I’ll be the first to admit that Death Metal was convoluted AF, like they were forced to stretch it to a 6 month long event… but all I’m saying is that the ending of DM7 helps set up what is going on from here on out.

What even was, “Death Metal,” really? It was so confusing.

It was EVERYTHING to the MAXXX…AX…Ax…ax!!!

That sums it up well.

I guess the way to look at it is that it was an “Anti-Crisis” event. Reversing all previous Crisis events and making one DC continuity where all stories, all characters, exist and matter… I think.

One of the speech bubbles says that some people will always be gone, other will be back but different than how they were previously.

Yes, but how does that work? I don’t understand.

Sounds like the Hands of Creation removed the Source Wall and opened them up to the Omniverse, with multiple Multiversi inside of it. So rather than time travel, or traveling between Earths, it sounds like they can now travel between Multiverses?

Anecdotal evidence here: my LCS owner order 5 copies of the Next Batman. 5. He said at $8.99 or whatever the price was, he couldn’t stomach risking more than that. Woof. That’s a Batman title.

Shit, i ordered 10 I think

I ordered 5 Batman, 5 swamp thing, 5 teen titans and 25 FS Wonder Woman.

I may have them for a while…

Luckily they were all pre FOC so I got the better pricing.

Cannot wait to read some of these. I have read quite a few positive reports about the FS Wonder Woman and Swamp Thing, so here’s hoping for some DC revitalisation.

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The only one I absolutely couldn’t stand was Flash so far.