eBay Headaches

Yes. I am in the same boat with items I have purchased. I have been paying attention to what is going on in the world.

Thanks. Yes, I wished they would have just contacted me first. I have been selling on ebay since it began and have thousands of feedback all positive. They are acting like I am some fly by night operation. I did also put on some of my last auctions to beware of the shipping delays up to 10 additional days. They still want there items. I have been checking everyday to add any new information with any updates. Next year I am stopping after the first week of December.

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Just to keep an update going. Doesn’t improve the situation but it sort of helps to know lack of movement is consistent.
Still zero movement or entries since 12/4 and item was shipped 11/30. The only real tracking entry was accepted on that date. Buyer still cordial thankfully.


Another request for refund because it wasn’t received yet. Yay.

I think I’m just going to stop responding to them at this point and let it sit until the ebay decides date. Last time I replied to apologize and say that things are super busy due to covid and more shipping than ever this month I got back a crazy rambling conspiracy theory filled response.


Because you can call up USPS and tell them to move faster and they will… makes perfect sense…

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I’ve had 3 buyers over the last two weeks who didn’t pay after accepting their offer. All had little to no feedback. Seems to be more common lately. I automatically ban anyone who doesn’t pay, from future purchases from me.

PS. A fellow speculator had posted his recent horror story on another forum. He had a customer who complained about water damage to his parcel. When asked to provide photos, the buyer sent a picture of the book, still in its board and bag, with pools of water beads on top of the bag. It was very obvious in the photo the buyer sent, that the buyer clearly just sprinkled water on top of the bag. The water was literally pooled on top of the bag. The buyer then opened a claim and returned the books. The buyer was nice enough to fully submerge the books in water before returning them. The jack hole buyer goes by the eBay username ‘soccerman1969’. I would highly recommend banning this username from your eBay platform.


Added to the eBay Seller/Buyer Avoid List


Haha, I wish it was even that! Let’s just say it was a combination of things about COVID, the recent election, and the fact he should have known better than to buy a comic from Portland.

In case some people didn’t know you can make people pay immediately with Buy it Now



Yup, I do that but for auctions you can’t make them pay immediately. :frowning:

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Same with best offers.

Hold your listings for about 3 weeks till the new round of stimulus payouts hit. It’s sad…not making light of it…but sales will increase sharply just like they did last spring.

Not to mention, hopefully the shipping woes and backlog will be resolved by then.


When you think about that, it’s kind of sad. Here we are in a pandemic and people can barely make ends meet while others are using the money to buy crap they don’t really necessarily need.

Anyone who’s working full time and hasn’t gotten an eviction notice should not get any money in my opinion, use such funds for other things, for the businesses that truly depend on in-person transactions, etc, more tech for kids schooling from home and so on.


I agree. My wife and I got a payment from the last one. It’s just been sitting in our savings “just in case”.

Obviously, we neither immediately needed it, nor did we necessarily stimulate the economy with it. Having said that, we’ve been ordering out locally 2-3 a week all year. Stimulating the local economy has been our excuse to order out that much.


We like stimulating the local economy and are sometimes too exhausted to cook due to a variety of stressors. We got one of those meal kits to come in the mail to try that should make cooking easier, however. We did Hello Fresh forever ago, this is a different one that I have forgotten the name of but the main gimmick is it’s cheap and easy.

You’re not making light at all. The last stimulus happened and people either used it scrape by if they were hurting or if they were doing okay they went and got, “Fun,” stuff if they didn’t need it for emergency purposes. Remember how everyone was buying a Nintendo Switch some months ago and they sold out everywhere?


Me and the wife did same. Some local businesses were in need and we ordered out for weeks 3-4 times randomly. Lunch dinner. Breakfast a couple times too.

We paid for a fence. The fence company had to buy materials. So the warehouse workers, the material fabricators, and on down the line got paid, the fence company got paid and in turn the fence installers got paid. They all hopefully bought stuff for their families with the money making our stimulus move down the line helping more people. It’s meant to stimulate the economy. We felt that was a good way to do it.

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Oh yeah, we put in a $12,000 patio and bought .3 acres of land by a lake. So, there was some influx of money there. Actually, besides the year I bought my house, this has probably been the biggest outlay of cash I’ve ever made this year. Mostly because lending has been ridiculous. For example, with the promotional APR on the HELOC I used to buy the lakeside land, it’s functionally an interest free loan, same with the patio.

I wish lake property was that affordable here. But land of lakes Oregon is not.

A 4th person complained today about shipping taking too long. They actually asked me to open a case with the post office. As if. Showed him the Alert on the USPS website about the mail being slower than normal BECAUSE OF A PANDEMIC KILLING HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE and showed him his tracking which says it is in transit, arriving late. Bye Felicia.

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