eBay Seller/Buyer Avoid List

Here is the master list of eBay sellers/buyers to avoid and reasons why.

Please do it in the format of:

Name | Reason

Please keep the Reason brief. If you can’t keep it brief, create a comment and then we can link to you’re specific comment.

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eBay Seller Avoid Master List

Name | Reason

PreorderHQ | Seller claims they messed up; canceled a pre-order of hot book.
tonich97 | Buyer is possible scammer
worldsgreatestcomics | Never sent pre-ordered comics. Ghosted me & filed with Paypal for refund.

Buyers David Has Blocked
I don’t remember the reasons for all of these, but they either had a ton of negative feedback they left for others or I had a bad experience with them when I did sell to them. Just copy and paste this list into your eBay blocked buyers and thank me later:

808chargers, alemendoz73, baseballking2, bclemons-us, bonkers4ever, brian888880, collinstuff, cw-gallery, danste-1561, ermmirb, jetsfan7789, jomowre-2, joortega45-1, kevlar5484, loganxvader, lucky23262, memorex987, mlegendshunter, moneyspender3000-0, nazpacino, ppbull1117, sidewaysburnout, towein-20, who2000, wicked1z


Here’s my block list. They are mostly buyers who never paid and a few sellers who cancelled orders on hot books.

ajt.ante.qyji8zscj, batmanyyc85, giljam_csfxu, ginger_bowen2015, lovecom-3248, pembroke8, repani-14, rocknrolla08361, ukendad_2, wolvesrunhere

I swear to god, if I see my name on anyone’s list, Im gonna flip out…lmao



It is nerve racking reading the list :fearful::zipper_mouth_face:

Haha… Hey, look at it this way, if your name shows up, you can clear the air here. :slight_smile:


Anything from Silveracre comics in the UK…i purchased Atlas comics off Dale 2 weeks before they became popular and he cancelled my order without telling me…i never got them…buyer beware.

What’s their ebay name/id? Paste here or add to the top post (you can edit it to add to the list with brief reason).

In one of the other groups I participate in, we stumbled across an eBay buyer with the eBay ID ‘Tonich97’ who has been trying to scam a few members over there over the past week or so.
Here is a screenshot from two different sellers, who both sold to ‘Tonich97’ over the last two weeks. The buyer is claiming that packages marked as delivered (by USPS tracking) have not been received, despite the tracking showing it was delivered. You may want to put this douche on your ‘banned list’ of eBay buyers. :+1:

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Ah, the CBSMT group… :wink:

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There is a small group of CBSMT guys that use a platform other than the evil Facebook, @monopolyjackson. Good group of knowledgeable guys, and store variant posts are banned, lol. I don’t do FB.

I merged your post to the already existing eBay Seller/Buyer avoid list.

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What is CBSMT?

Oh I know, I was referring to the Mewe group… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :wink:

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Thank you everyone! This is really helpful! I appreciate it!

CBSMT is an old, established spec group from when google+ was a thing.

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Wait but Google+ was never a thing :joy:

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You’re :100: correct, but it was pretty good for comic speculation groups, when it was around.

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worldsgreatestcomics | Never sent pre-ordered comics. Ghosted me & filed with Paypal for refund.

I pre-ordered Thor #5 & #6 at the same time(was a novice mistake because of the free shipping with the bundle of comics). Seller said he was sending them once the #6 issues we in. Never sent them and then ghosted me when I asked for a tracking #. I had to file with Paypal to get a refund. Not really the greatest…

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