eBay issues

I just checked it says third printing. Wow, you are right. I will pull the slabs from eBay. One last question do CGC screw-ups have value? lol

You can email them and send a photo. It’s a mechanical error and they’ll reholder it for free…they’ll email you a shipping label with instructions.


There was a time maybe…but now it’s so common place and it just being a label typo I doubt it.


Yup like d-rog said, just email cgc with some pictures and explain the situation and they will reholder for free.

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In a year and a half

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I will get it sooner. I spend enough money there. Maybe in 15 months.

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Actually they turn errors around pretty quick. Like within a month.

My experience as of a few months ago.

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Ahh I see makes sense why everything else takes so long they probably spend 20 days a month to recase errors :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Anyone else getting 0 views on books these days?

I noticed something about they were changing the way they account for “views”, but I’ve listed some hot books at competitive prices and it seems like they don’t even get a look.

One actually has a “watcher” without any views! :man_shrugging:

Not sure what’s going on.


This likely explains it. Apparently I have a lot of bots looking at my listings. And the new “views” count excludes bots.

We’re updating to a more accurate way of counting listing page views

… in late April 2022, we’ll be updating how we count and report listing page views.

The current page view numbers on your listings count various types of traffic, including a significant amount of non-human traffic—one example is programs called “bots” that scan websites and now account for approximately 40% of internet traffic. Learn more about non-human traffic and bots in the Listing Page Views FAQs tab.

Although this non-human traffic is currently counted as a “page view,” it doesn’t represent real shoppers or lead to sales, and recent analysis has shown how much it inflates your page view numbers.

As part of eBay’s continual efforts to bring you better data to run your business, we’re updating to a new way of counting page views that will better filter out non-human traffic and more accurately show views by potential buyers.

While the amount of non-human traffic on the internet is considerable, it also varies across categories and products. As a result, while most sellers will see a significant drop in page view numbers, the impact of filtering out more non-human traffic may vary. Importantly, the actual traffic from potential buyers to listings isn’t changing. We’re just updating what types of traffic we count as page views to more accurately show views by potential buyers.

Page view counts based on this approach have been available in the Seller Hub Traffic Report and Promoted Listings reports for some time. The changes outlined above will increase the consistency of how page views are counted and displayed across eBay.

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I was going to come here and say something was fishy with eBay page views. Like my listings are being throttled and not showing up in searches or something. List a ton of hot books that get little to no views while my Mercari listings for the same books get more views. Also I have noticed new listings starting with no views but a watcher or two. Listed another Spider-Man #8. It had a watcher almost immediately with no views. It ended up selling within the hour with no views.

Buyer got his slab but then left negative claiming I cancelled the sale. I messaged them with tracking screenshot showing delivered, and asked if they did not receive it but they were unresponsive. eBay removed the neg, which was my 1st ever btw.



Probably got other purchases mixed up when leaving feedback. I’ve seen that happen before, had a buyer once message me the books arrived damaged, I asked for photos, there were books in the package that weren’t mine, clarified they got wrong seller cause poyo packaging is :bomb: proof!

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Just wondering, in your experiences, what are the rough percentages you would attribute buyer problems to using the following categories:

Genuine error (yours or theirs)
Unrealistic expectations
Straight-up scamming

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That was my initial thought actually. I told my wife about it and laughed that he probably meant to leave it for someone else, but when they didn’t reply to my messages, I contacted ebay and they immediately removed the feedback and suggested that I block the buyer.

Going based on my own experiences on eBay and a friend of mine who also sells on eBay, I’d say unrealistic expectations, then user error, and then scammers. The overwhelming majority of selling experiences for me on eBay have been positive, but other than this recent experience, there have been two cases where buyers reached out. One was a Canadian buyer who claimed the books weren’t NM, but wouldn’t provide photos, replying instead that they were insulted I would insinuate that they were lying. I just refunded and moved on. Seemed scammy to me…

The other was case was a $50ish sale where the buyer claimed there was some rust on one of the staples. It did have some early oxidation (dark gray, not rusty) which was specifically shown in the photos. They just wanted to return it and I figured, since I paid $1 for that book, I’d just refund and let them keep it instead of having them deal with packing it up, shipping it, etc. I’d attribute that to user error, didn’t seem scammy at all.

I try to be really meticulous about listing books on eBay, packing, shipping, etc… I really enjoy the selling experience and I want it to show in how the buyers receive the books, the accuracy of the photos, grading, etc…

I find that 99.99% of my selling experience is hassle free, eBay and Mercari. I list out issues with the books if they have any, and am realistic not trying to overgrade. But there are some real butt holes out their that account for the other .01% of my selling experience. Nothing you can do about it.

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That’s life in general to be honest. Nothing we can do about all the buttholes out there…

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Send me something…going to test this theory out with left over 7/4 fireworks…

What would you like to buy? I only bomb proof paid packages. :wink:

What’s the cheapest thing you got?