eBay issues

For you, $500. :wink:

Better be able to dive to the titanic and journey to
Mars as well.

Probably hold up better than that Titan sub… :exploding_head:

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Golden Age slab shipped in just a Gemini without even a bag or padding. Guessing first time for the seller to ship a slab as major damage to the slab and possibly the book.


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Ouch, that is painful to see. I’m sorry.


There seems to be a significant increase in just pure incompetence and/or not caring and/or a flip attitude with online sales post pandemic across all avenues; not just comics. I’m getting really sick of it.

I don’t know if I’m getting old and notice it more, or if it is truly increasing. I hope it’s the former. I don’t know what is going on out there but the level of caring about the completed product to a customer undamaged, as described, and to the happiness of the recipient - it’s like few care anymore. Then toss in total incompetence not just by individuals, but by businesses also.
I mean wtf is going on out there? And finally, actually showing decency when product doesn’t arrive well and the flip attitude or difficult attitude is just off the charts.
It’s like barely a soul cares, and is clueless, and can’t manage problems.

It’s the former. At least In my experience.

What I don’t get is when a seller tries to blame USPS for damaging a book and not wanting to take any accountability.

I mean, yeah USPS should likely be more careful…but why set them up for failure with little to no protection? Do you enjoy the headaches and arguments coming at you?

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I love 'em (headaches & arguments)! :face_with_spiral_eyes: :wink:

I’ve been experiencing similar problems on my orders lately. I just don’t understand why a seller would be okay with poor packaging at the risk of damage to the item and a high chance of having to issue a refund. There doesn’t to be a sufficient upside and the risk of losing money on the sale (via refund) is too high. I just don’t get it.

None of us do. Common sense ain’t so common.

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I loathe listings that only show the front cover. Just lazy sellers, IMO.

But this is a whole ‘nuther level of stupid.

Taking the time to snap a picture of the back…without removing it from the bag or removing the board.


Are you saying you don’t have X-ray vision like most potential buyers? pffft.

There is always a certain percentage of people who either don’t care one bit or just aren’t all that bright.


That’s a GREAT line that I use all the time.


If you have multiple Ebay accounts and lie about where you are located…dont make it so obvious…

blazepccomics = majorcollectibles.jm


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captain knumbskull obvious

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Moving … posted to wrong topic.

How does this seller get away with these photos?


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Joined in 2001. Seems like all his other listings are done…one he blurs the nips.

Given what I’ve seen with blurry photos and other “inattention to detail” it wouldn’t surprise me if the seller grabbed the wrong photo and didn’t bother to review before posting…does this come from penthouse comics?

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